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London Girl

February 28, 2007

For the past week or so I’ve had the Pogue’s song “London Girl” stuck in my head. It has been especially popping up in moments of happiness (which have been on the increase as of late) and moments of exhilaration. For example, today I was walking across campus feeling all happy and suddenly found myself singing the song. Didn’t even realize I had started doing it. Luckily no one was around. And just yesterday as I was correcting some papers while students did their writing I started to hum it. A student laughed at me. But that’s okay. I get a lot of that.

But I first noticed it last week at the Snowy Owl Resort (formerly Brodie–yes, where people named Kelly skiied for free on St. Pat’s Day) where I was snow tubing. First of all, if like me you haven’t been to many ski-type resorts you’re probably not used to cute signs everywhere that say things like: Snow tubing involves risks and dangers. These may include but are not limited to collisions that are man made or natural, within lanes or other areas of snow tubing. Injury or death may result. And to top that off, I had to sign a waiver that said essentially that if I died it wasn’t their damned fault. I’m the frickin idiot who went snow tubing.

So, you can see where I was ready for anything. On my first run down the hill, as I was picking up more and more speed than I had anticipated (ahh, that’s why they made me sign the waiver!) and as I was going down the hill backwards wondering if a small child had wandered across my path (ahh, that’s why they had their parents sign a waiver too!!), suddenly the song burst into my head louder than bombs. This could be our final dance. This could be our very last chance… and yet it all felt so good. The sun in my eyes, the spray of the snow. The 80% chance I would survive. Great stuff.


Little Crisises

February 20, 2007

Well, yesterday Padraig and I had lunch together. And of course, since it was Padraig’s choice, it HAD to be Taco Bell. Ok, ok, I’ll admit that Taco Bell is one of my first choices too.

As always, the conversations were priceless (‘What would I love more than anything if there weren’t tacos to love?’ ‘I’m going to get a job at Taco Bell so that I can eat there everyday.’ and so many more). And here was one particularly Packiesque observation:

Padraig: Three and four years olds don’t know how easy they got it. I mean, their biggest decision in life is ‘What ball do I want to play with?’ They only have little crisises to deal deal with.

I just love the wisdom of Padraig. I wish I only had ‘little crisises’ to deal with myself, but at least I’m doing my best to get better at managing them. So, anyway, here’s to you Padraig! May all your crises be little ones.

Puppy Dog

February 3, 2007

Dear reader, here’s a brief anecdote:

One night I was hanging out with D^ and Padraig. It was getting near bedtime and Padraig and I had just finished playing a Monkey Ball race (I won, boo-yah!). So I told him it was time to go to bed.

“Dad, can we play a game of chess?”

“Sorry, Padraig, maybe next time. It’s bed time.”

“Aww, dad, we never have a chance to play chess and I know you love playing it.” And then he gave me the biggest, saddest look in the world.

“Okay Padraig, we can play one quick game.”

Smiling, he says: “Thanks, dad. I can’t believe the puppy dog eyes worked.”

And, that’s all I have for you today. I probably have forgotten five or six even cuter anecdotes, but they’re not coming to me at the moment…