Little Crisises

Well, yesterday Padraig and I had lunch together. And of course, since it was Padraig’s choice, it HAD to be Taco Bell. Ok, ok, I’ll admit that Taco Bell is one of my first choices too.

As always, the conversations were priceless (‘What would I love more than anything if there weren’t tacos to love?’ ‘I’m going to get a job at Taco Bell so that I can eat there everyday.’ and so many more). And here was one particularly Packiesque observation:

Padraig: Three and four years olds don’t know how easy they got it. I mean, their biggest decision in life is ‘What ball do I want to play with?’ They only have little crisises to deal deal with.

I just love the wisdom of Padraig. I wish I only had ‘little crisises’ to deal with myself, but at least I’m doing my best to get better at managing them. So, anyway, here’s to you Padraig! May all your crises be little ones.


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