I’m a Suckah

Okay, so first of all, I’m a suckah! In the past two days, two people have hit me up for money that wouldn’t be paid back and both times I was more than happy to help out. One person I knew; one I didn’t. At any rate, I hope the karma gods noted those transactions so that I can in some way cash in on my niceness and all.Tonight I went to B’s and E’s (these are both places and not people) and had yet another surreal experience. If noogies hadn’t been part of the night I wouldn’t know what else to say. But all in all a nice night.

And so I’ll move on. I saw the boys for a while today. They played in the park while I hung out with the other parents. When they decided to play a game there (capture the flag) and found two empty water bottles on the ground to use as flags, I knew that I wouldn’t be all “north of route 9” and make them immediately turn that into a recycling moment. Gotta love living in Ho’yoke. They played in the mud and muck and loved it.


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