When It Rains It Pours

Well, I’ve given up on battling the snow. Though it’s St. Pat’s Eve and an evening of potential craziness awaits me, I’m just going to settle in to an evening of reading Tony Bourdain and dreaming of when I can cook again. I know it will be soon, but I wish it were tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I finally got back to visiting my favorite sushiman-S.-after being away for like six weeks (maybe more). I had tried to visit there a couple of weeks ago, but they were closed and I settled for a different (and previously blogged about) sushi place. But I felt like I was home again tonight. S. and K. and R. and Mama all doting over me…okay, well, R. doesn’t dote…and having the best sushi evah. Though I was in a bittersweet mood walking through the door I quickly found happiness in some seaweed salad and some amazing tuna and all the other good stuff. I’ve even found that I’ve passed from “appreciating” the octopus to truly liking it. A great time…

Okay, since I’m going anti-sequencially (is that the right spelling?), before that some people from work and I went out in Hamp for a few hours. It turned out to be one of the very best times I’ve had in a while. Long story why, but just take my word for it. I was even told that I was gregarious (yes, we teachers use those SAT words amongst ourselves). And if you know me you know that this is a whole new me.

So now I’m sitting here at the computer, a weather-related shut-in. Tomorrow I have lots of shoveling to do on top of a long day of pre-parade activities. I’m ready for it all, or at least I think I am. It’s been all sunshine for me lately and as I gaze upon my green carnations (from a school fundraiser) I think that all is good here in my little part of the world. And though I had to white-trashedly put them in an empty Gatorade bottle with a bit of water, that doesn’t make the sentiment behind them any less sweet.

So, dear readers, good night.


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