P’rade Day

Well, despite my wishes that this weekend go in slow motion, it is already over. In fact, the p’rade whizzed by quicker than I’ve ever seen a parade go. I’m sure that was a weather related thing.

Well, it started out as a tough day for me. Very little sleep and then an early morning call that sucked the life out of me. I won’t go into details because those of you who are close enough to hear the details have already heard them. But after a bit of a detour, I was back at my p’rade work. And let me just say-the fact that my p’rade work involved a shot of Jameson’s just made the morning happier.

I was talking this afternoon with a p’rade buddy, discussing the question of how many people does it actually take to put on a p’rade as huge as ours. You know, in times of trouble, what’s the bare minimum we could do it with. And, well, okay, we never came up with a number. He got distracted by a woman who came into the bar.

This is all true.

But I’m guessing though that we could do it with forty to fifty really–I mean REALLY–dedicated people. It would be tough, but it could be done. I dread the day we have to do it that way, but you never know what the future holds.

Our party after the p’rade was a good time. Despite the fact that certain people make erroneous assumptions about who one hangs around with and then act all weird about it I thought it was a great night.

I almost missed the Mummers, who were there at an impossibly early time. Little did I know that a quick couple of drinks at Griff’s with R. and D. and M. (JetBlue) and, oh yeah, the other D, would lead to nearly missing them. But of course I wouldn’t have even gone unless I knew my, um, “peeps” or whatever, were going too.

But, anyway, it was a good night overall. A different sort of PATP for me, but a good one nevertheless.

See ya.


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