Randumb Shite

Oh good, it’s snowing. That’s just lovely. We could use a little snow right about now.

Things You Don’t Expect to Hear From a Co-worker Especially When You’re a Teacher and All: “Shiiiit, I don’t know what this shit is but it ain’t Quervo.”

No Office? No 30 Rock? Apparently Thursday has been cancelled this week. If it weren’t payday I’d say we could blot out the day entirely.

D^ was sad today and that makes me sad.

My dad’s back in the hospital. It’s been awhile since we’ve been through this. But, well, once again ’tis the season. And when I saw him tonight he seemed alert and with it for like five minutes, but then that all disappeared and he was asking what building he was in (must be the old fire station he figured) and he told me that the hospital was making a film that he was featured in. He wasn’t sure what it was all about, he said. I still don’t know how to respond to that.

And, if you’ve read my blog before, you know my obsession with death and so you’ll understand that when I left where my father was and found myself staring down the hall toward the ICU, I was transported back to a horrible night and morning from over a decade ago. I won’t re-live it here again though.

Okay, I didn’t expect this blog entry to go that direction, but now that it has I think I should steer it back to happier things.

So, after tonight, p’rade activities are well and truly wrapped up. Sure, planning for next year’s p’rade is already beginning–and I have my other p’rade sub-committee to start leading–but this is the quiet time. The time to sleep a little bit extra and to plan next year’s misadventures.

Oh, and speaking of which, though I’m still in limbo on a place to live (it’s a financial thing that apparently I can’t control), I have a good lead on a place. A sweet deal too as far as I can tell.


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