Plenty of Material

Let me tell ya, I’ve collected plenty of material for my blog over the last couple of weeks. Whether or not I’ll get around to sharing it is another question entirely though. But here’s a good story from Friday afternoon.

We were talking about various topics, you know teaching, pedagogy, hot chicks…the usual range of teacher topics and Dice-G (who’s in my department) started talking about how he was always surprised that women seemed to be intrigued and maybe even turned on by the fact that he was a high school English teacher.

And I thought about it for a second and I was like “Dude, they were clearly into you and didn’t care what you did. They were pretending to find that cool. You could’ve said you were working at Taco Bell part time and they would’ve been swooning.” And I think I’m right about that one.

Well, that’s all I got for now.


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