JetBlue Relationship

As you know, every once in a while I try to coin a new term. And while “North of Route Nine” hasn’t exactly caught on Valley-wide, I have heard a couple of people use the term. Hey, there’s still time for that one.

My latest is “JetBlue Relationship.” I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m at least hopeful it’s got a shot. I mean, sure, people will probably forget JetBlue’s Valentine’s Day fiasco and, sure, JetBlue will probably be getting all legal on me for using their name, but I like it and I’m gonna try to get you to use it.

So, “what is a JetBlue Relationship?” you might be asking. Well, I have to describe it this way. You know, when you’re looking at a possible relationship it’s kind of like looking ahead to a vacation in a beautiful, exotic destination. You make sure everything is in order; you pack your emotional bags–everything seems set for it to take off. You’ve  even called to check for cancellations and there are none. All looks good.

Then, the next thing you know, you’re stuck, frozen to the runway and the drink cart is long since emptied. The captain can’t or won’t give you a sign as to what might happen next. You still plan on going to your exotic destination, but you’re wondering why there is no movement toward that.  And finally, you have to decide if you want to wait until the flight finally gets off the ground at some indefinite time in the future or if you just want to get a full refund.

And that, my friends, is a JetBlue Relationship.


2 Responses to “JetBlue Relationship”

  1. CaseyBug Says:

    I like the term ’emotional bags’ as well 😉


  2. The Toothbrush « No Setback Will Set Me Back! Says:

    […] The Toothbrush As I think I’ve mentioned before, the Pharmacist (formerly known as R.) is a very sensitive guy. Certainly the most sensitive truck driver I’ve ever met. And he’s been having this thing with the bartender–in fact, I’m pretty sure it qualifies as a “JetBlue Relationship.” […]

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