My New Blog

Good morning, welcome to my new blog. I’m writing this post just to make sure I have the hang of this wordpress thing. It seems very good so far.

For financial and other reasons I decided to slowly phase out my last blog. I loved that blog even though I often ignored it. But it contains some of my best and, well, probably some of my worst writing.

But, for one reason or other, all good things do come to an end. And yet, sometimes (cliche alert!) the end of one good thing can be the signal of the start of something else possibly better. Who knows?

Well, a new blog, a new life, a new I don’t know what else.



2 Responses to “My New Blog”

  1. Scott B Says:

    This longtime reader and fan is happy to see the blog go on!

    Hope to see you around.

  2. CaseyBug Says:

    That’s so very me of you to do, make something new and whatnot. Ironically enough I just made a new website yesterday:

    Guess be both caught the bug!
    (No pun intended)


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