The OC

One of the joys of my workday is to have the opportunity to go off campus during my free period. All I have to do is go to the office, sign a book that says that I am OC and then I’m free. If you know me you know that I often get that cooped up feeling and need to go somewhere, do something. So I hit the road–to get a soda, buy lunch that isn’t nasty, get randumb things from the store. I usually jet during first lunch so that I can be back for second when I can have lunch with a few teacher friends. And, since we have a generous 22 minutes per lunch, I’ve found routes that take me just exactly that long to complete. You know, for example, out to the CVS in Fl’rence and then on past the North’mpton Country Club and back up Route Nine–23 minutes with a brief stop for whatever I’m getting.

And if you’re thinking that I waste too much thought that could be spent thinking about greater student achievement, please note that I (and a few others) have spent much of the day formulating plans for our, um, “curriculum meeting” which will take place at an as of yet undecided upon bar somewhere in town. Let me tell, it’s hard to finalize plans when you have 3 minutes out of every 45 to talk with colleagues.

So, anyway, those are my thoughts for this Friday.


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