A Few Randumb Quotes

For a weekend that seemed so not promising on Friday, it filled up quite nicely by the time it got moving. I’m not going to walk you through the whole sordid mess but I did want to share a few randumb quotes.

First, some conversational parallels:

D: M. is so messed up. She was screaming at me for no reason at all last night.

M.: D. is so messed up. Last night he was screaming at me and I don’t know why.

D: I told her she needed to take a look at her life and just pick someone and stop being so needy.

M: I told him that he needed to stop treating women like dirt and stick with someone for more than two weeks.

More insight:

D: I enjoy the hunt. Once I get a girl I’m pretty much done with her.

M: He told me he read a book! He said he understood my psychology and I should read it too. I told him that any book he read I could read in a frickin hour.

Other philosophical thoughts:

B: “Dipshit is into me for two grand. He keeps saying “Just don’t tell my wife.” I think I’m going to have to take him to visit my relatives in Providence.

And, finally:

(Billy Joel song comes on jukebox) A: Did you play this?

JE: Of course not, dear. (Then, to me) Don’t tell her but I used her money to play eight Joe Cocker songs. Man, I love Woodstock.


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