The List

So, anyway, at the end of my post yesterday I mentioned a bit about my new found singleness. And while the last thing on my mind is falling back into a serious relationship it doesn’t mean that I’m not, um, casting the nets far and wide. But that whole topic is at least partially beside the point of this entry.

About a month ago, when I finally felt like I was able to start talking to my friends here at work about what was happening in my life, I was talking to my best buddy about that low place that single people visit–you know, the ‘there’s no one out there for me’ feeling that can hit you at times. And she had a great strategy for combatting that: The List.

So, she and I started brainstorming the names of any single women that we could think of who might possibly, vaguely, kinda sorta be in some small way be interested in me. And we came up with several names. Then she had me go to one or two other trusted friends to see if they knew of anyone who might be single. And the list grew longer. I had something like sixteen names on the list, just from having a couple of brief conversations.

Now, the purpose of this list isn’t to start going after all these people and crossing them off after you strike out with them or anything like that. The purpose of it is merely to show you (well, me) just how many single people there are–and all of them are no more than just one degree of separation from you (that is, me). And let me tell you, it was a wonderful exercise. I felt so postive about myself and my life and all. I felt rejuvenated–and still do.

And looking at the list it’s kind of funny the range of people that friends came up with. Let’s see, they range in age from 26 to about 50. One of them might not be interested in men but she once was, so she made the list. One of them is 6 foot 4. One of them is a hippy; another is conservative and a neat freak. At least one smokes pot. One is painfully shy while another painfully social and outgoing. It’s amazing the range of people and personalities on this little list.

So, anyway, that’s all I have for you this morning kids. Blog atcha latah!


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