Revenge is Best Served With a Plate of Nachos

The last few evenings have been interesting to say the least. Although I guess I always knew it on some level in the past I came to the realization that the group I’m a member of is really truly a big family. R. made that clear to me last night when he was talking about how meeting all of us was the best thing that ever happened to him. He knew one person when he joined the group and now, a year later, he has fifty or sixty new friends and acquaintances. It’s amazing, but true.

And, let me tell you, we are one big, happily disfunctional family. For example, over the past couple of nights D. hasn’t been around–pretty much ever since he had an argument with M. Most people in a large group wouldn’t really notice one person missing for one evening, but a lot of time was spent trying to find him to make sure all was well. And, you’ll be happy to know that the soap opera is calming down as well. M. has decided to forgive D. for screaming at her, but our new catch phrase between us has become one of D.’s rants the night they fought: “People don’t change! They fucking EVOLVE!”

Yes, indeed they do.

And, in a family, when someone steps out of line and tries to throw his weight around in nasty ways–well there’s a well-deserved karma slap for behavior like that. It happens in any familial group–you can do anything you want in your private, outside life, but you don’t shit on your own family. I can’t go into the details on all that happened, but I’ll just say that Tuesday night was a sweet moment of comic revenge on someone who did just that and it was well deserved payback.

And as for tonight, I might just stay home and watch old episodes of The Office. Then again maybe not. My original plan was to go see either Robyn Hitchcock or Sebadoh in North’mpton, but with all the money I spent on Tuesday I’m not sure that that’s a good idea. Although, hmmm, last night I did get a free meal and a few free drinks so the two nights balanced…sorry, just thinking “out loud” here…hmm, well, I don’t know. Anyway, it’s hard to get some people out of Ho’yoke so I’m back to thinking maybe a night with The Office.


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