Well, right now I’m looking to distract myself from the numb feeling settling in so I’m going to try to write. Let’s see…what about…

On Friday a bunch of us from work went to S.C.T.R. Things I recall: K. kicking my ass at pool; seeing one of my Patrick’s Day friends down at the bar; A., D., M. and I discussing ways to get the waitress to frequent our table more often…not much else I can clearly recall. Sad but true. Later that night, after a long nap, I ended up in a long phone conversation into the wee hours of the morning. A transcript of that conversation I do NOT want. The two of us were drunk enough for four sailors.

Saturday, we went to Osaka. The restaurant, not the city. It was excellent–I hadn’t been there in awhile. The only complaint I have is that the broccoli in the veggie tempura was a humongously unwieldy piece. Best part–M. eating both raw yellowtail AND trying eel despite guaranteeing that neither or those two events would ever happen. You go Mo.

On Sunday I played baseball with the boys for a while. D^ is going into his second season of Pee Wees while Padraig is starting out in Mighty Mites. Should be a busy Spring!

Anyway, I’ve successfully gotten myself to think happy thoughts for a while so see ya!


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