Quotable Quotes

Well, I’m in no shape right now to re-create the other night’s blog entry. And certainly in no shape to recount Wednesday. But even in the worst of times there is humor afloat–and when there’s humor to be found in a bad situation, you know I’m the one who’ll find it.

So, first, some quotable quotes:

(a tribute to ‘Chelle) D: Well, I guess she’s in the big casino in heaven. I hope she has good luck there.

P: Good luck there? Everytime we went to the casino she came home with five hundred, a thousand bucks. The slot machines in heaven aren’t going to pay off like that!


(someone asking about how things are going with me) N: So, how old is she?

Me: Thirty seven…wait, I know what you’re thinking!

N: Isn’t that a little old for you?

Me: Did you have to say it?


(and this was said in jest) N: Remember, the death of a friend is NOT an opportunity to flirt with co-workers.


And, finally, I’m just thinking about the fact that ‘Chelle was one of the few people at work who knew much about my personal life. She often asked me about my girlfriend and our life together and how things were going. And in the last couple of months she was always inquiring about my future prospects.

“So, is she #1 or is she #2?”

“No, no, ‘Chelle, she’s #3 now.”

“Who’s #2 then?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

And it was all for fun. And all else I can say is that ‘Chelle has seen me through some hard times and, no matter what her own problems were–and those were far greater than I ever knew–she always had time to listen to me, to joke with me, to organize me.

More later I’m sure.


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