Randumb Notes

Well, lots to report on this past weekend. Other than the promised story from below–and I’m sure at this point I can do it no justice–nothing too exciting happened. But here is what it was.

First of all, starting with the end of my weekend, the Red Sox game on TV:

Schilling! Ortiz!! Papelbon!!! ’nuff said there.

Saturday morning, just before nine o’clock, I was about to pull off of my street onto the small country road connecting to it. Suddenly I heard the loudest noise and, looking to my left, realized that it was an 18-wheeler going I’d say 45-50 on this small country road jake-braking like a madman (Thanks for waking up the neighborgood, ass wipe). What was worse, at the top of my street there is basically a permanent spring which, Saturday morning, was frozen over. So, in the moments I was listening to that cacaphony hurtling toward me I was also wondering if the truck was going to lose control on the ice and whether that would, literally, have an impact on me.

And why was I out before nine a.m. on Saturday? Yes, indeed, the start of baseball season. Nothing like a nine-thirty a.m. practice on a cold morning to make you curse your child’s love of team sports. As one of the mothers there–whose son also played football with D^–noted: “This is the same weather we had at the end of football season.” And indeed it was. As far as the baseball side of things went, D^’s team has a lot to live up to, having gone an incredible 20-0 last year. I’m sure it won’t happen this year. I keep telling myself that.

And finally, I had a JetBluey kind of weekend on the dating front. But I think it was partially my fault. I will say though, just when I had assumed that the plane was once again frozen to the runway, JetBlue gave me a call “just to say hi” and chat awhile.

Throw a dog a bone.


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