Dr. B, part 2

Well, I don’t see myself taking the time to write a big long blog entry, so I’ll give you the Dr. B story piecemeal. Dr. B., not really a doctor at all, is a friend of a friend who has a big thing for stuff like “self-actualization” especially as it relates to picking up women. Hey–what better reason to self-actualize and be “centered” than the thought that it may help you bang some babes.

Our conversation started with him telling me that I was sitting in one of the “power seats” in the bar. Like a fool I of course asked why it was a power seat. Well, you see dear reader, a power seat is one from which you can see everything going on in the room. Your back is up against a wall (um, it wasn’t). And people (that is women) have to walk by you at one point or another (um, yeah, when they need to pee). Oh yeah. Now I have the “power seat” theory under my belt.

More later….

Oh–one more quick thing–

Dr. B: You have to watch out for beautiful women. They’re often ugly inside. They’re fucked up psychologically. I’d take a ten dollar crack whore over one of them anyday.

Me: Aren’t most crack whores pretty damaged psychologically too?

Dr. B: You’re missing my point.


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