Too Cold

Has anyone, anyone besides me noticed that it is TOO cold to be April? I know not all of you dear readers live in my immediate environs so you’re just going to have to go along with me on this one.

Yesterday was Padraig’s first baseball practice. And it was bitterly cold. His team seems good, although his limited ability to focus is going to be put to the test–his best friend AND his cousin are both on the team. All in all, the team has a “Gangs of New York” feel to it, with seemingly every Irish waif in the City playing on it. Oh, yeah, and Packy definitely is Leo DiCaprio.

I was talking to one of the parents, someone who’s had some very well-publicized job problems, and he mentioned to me that along with all of his other woes, he’s in the middle of getting divorced. So, what said was, “oh man, that sucks.” But what I was thinking was “hmmm, add ‘er to the list.” Hey–I warned you earlier–this blog isn’t always pretty.

And, hey, what else can I say? You don’t fuck with my ch’i; I won’t fuck with yours. Which reminds me-I really need to get to work on extending that blog entry.


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