Groundhog Day Conversations

I’m finding I have a high tolerance for “JetBlue’s” Groundhog Day conversation style. I probably don’t really have a high tolerance for such things in the long run, but, you know, for now I’m willing to put up with just about anything.

What do I mean by “Groundhog Day Conversations”? Well, some people, when they’ve had drink taken, tend to tell a story, then retell it, then tell it again for emphasis, then mention a highlight or two–in case you missed it–and then, for good measure, tell the whole thing all over again. (you know, kinda like the movie) The cool thing about it is, I can give exactly the same responses to key points each time around and the person telling the story doesn’t even notice that bit of repetitiveness. Hey, on the plus side, I’ll never forget all of those damned drunken stories.

But it reminds me that, though I’ve spent a solid thirty or so hours in conversation with JetBlue, it probably only pans out to about six hours worth of stories, discussions, sharing of feelings, exploring of core values, etc. But that’s okay too.

And, yeah, I know this blog entry would be a helluva lot better if I shared a couple of those stories I heard–believe me, one of them at least IS a classic–but I can’t do that. I made a solemn vow not to share them with anyone. Sorry, not even you, dear readers.

Oh, and how about them Red Sox last night? Way to almost get no hit. At least Dice K looked good again, although he had no support from the offense. Oh well. Nevertheless, it’s time to start calculating the magic number.


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