The Singular Adventures of Me, part one: Long Boring Story

You may recall my post on Friday when I mentioned the worst phone message ever. Well, that message, to JetBlue, got absolutely no response all day Friday and through Saturday morning. So I figured–no more chances for you. Cashing in my ticket once again.

Now at this point, for Saturday, I had fairly light plans that involved a couple of baseball practices and then heading out to a show later in the evening. Pretty simple. But perfectly fine with me.

But then it became one of the best day’s I’ve had in a while. A great day even.

In the middle of D^’s morning practice I get a call from my friend D. (I know, too many D’s floating around) wanting to know if I wanted to go golfing. “Hell yeah” was my response and, after practice, I headed up to Ho’yoke to meet him. He was already on seven so I got to start in the middle of the fairway. But I won’t go into my golfing right now, because that’s not the point of this blog. It was a great afternoon. D.’s running commentary about women and his exploits certainly gave the round that locker room buddy-buddy feel to it. He kept talking about his plans for the evening, involving a single mom “friend” of his.

So, anyway, we’re on one of the greens and I notice I have a text message. And it’s from JetBlue. Oh, yeah, turned down for a date via text message! Two days after I called! Gotta love it. So I wrote back a little while later, mostly to mention something I saw our common enemy (OCE) doing at E.’s the night before. So, we started to text back and forth a little about the incident involving OCE. In the meantime, D. and I finished golfing and headed down to E.’s where we ran into our buddy RM (I know the initials are annoying but I’m not good with fake names) And D. once again mentioned his lady friend and how–anytime now–he was going to head home to clean up for his date.

But back to me. So, in one of my messages I mentioned that RM., D., and I were having a few afternoon drinks. Two minutes later I got a call: “You guys going to be there awhile? I think I’ll stop down.” You’re predictable and, yet, you confuse me, JetBlue. So, anyway, the afternoon wore on to early evening. Both RM. and D. were quizzing her on who were the men in her life. Always a humorous topic for me to listen in on because she won’t say a word about it when I’m around and she gets all nervous and defensive. So that was fun. So, anyway, at some point JetBlue says “I’d love to get a real meal. Let’s go out.” (this was to both D. and I–and that “I” is a pronoun, not an initial) I had to just look at her and chuckle. I’m thinking, we could’ve been doing this without D., but hey, this is fine too. In fact, to help myself out, I mentioned D.’s planned date to him, but he was like “she’s home with her kid. She can wait an hour.” I knew that attitude wouldn’t work for me, but I was thinking D. knew what he was doing.

Anyway, I’m not sure what we were thinking when we let D. drive–I had seen him do a shot or two much earlier in the afternoon–but actually, the ride was fine. The three of us riding in the cab of his truck like we were on our way to the redneck fest. Woot woot! So, we ended up in Hamp, getting pizza. We seemed to know everyone there–a whole bunch of committee people hanging out in various groups. Apparently I also just missed D^ and Padraig who left there about twenty minutes before we arrived. That would’ve been interesting–“Look it’s your drunk daddy and his drunk golf buddy and some woman who I’ll be asking daddy a million questions about and then driving by her house repeatedly.”

Sorry, had to get that out.

Yeah, so D. had promised the bartenders that we would buy them some food, so we headed back to E.’s to drop off the food. On the way home, D. got a call. I only heard D.’s end of it, but apparently it wasn’t going well for him. It ended with “Okay, some other time.” Click. Sorry D. if we kept you from your appointed rounds. Hehe.

So, finally, JetBlue, who apparently had planned to stay in Saturday because her “it wasn’t a date” on Friday had left her tired and hung over, took off while D. and I had a last drink while the bartenders praised us tirelessly for remembering them. And then I found myself headed home at 10 o’clock, just about the time I had been planning to go out. Overall, a great and unexpected day.


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