Week Off

Ahhh, so I’m near the start of my big April vacation. In my next post I’ll tell you about my weekend, but for now I’ll just look ahead to tomorrow. One of my few planned activities for this week is a cleaning at the dentist tomorrow. Woot woot. And let me say, E., the hygenist, does an amazing job considering she’s got four months worth of red wine, cigarettes, and coffee to deal with. And though I will, as always, complain about the way hygenists inflict needless torture on you, I will also say that I’m looking forward to my appointment. Why? Well, I haven’t told anyone this before, but I’ve got a big ol’ crush on E. You know, an innocent one and all, but I still always try to look my best when I go in and have as many funny stories at the ready–not that I can use most of them what with the scraper and the drool sucking tool in my mouth, but hey, I’m still ready.

Today I went shopping. I bought a sweet looking¬†casual shirt and some new jeans. New jeans already Joe? Yeah, I’ve lost like eight pounds in the last month and my other new jeans just ain’t fitting right. When I was in the dressing room, I have to admit that I had a bittersweet moment, wishing I had someone in there with me to check out how I looked in the new jeans. But hey, what can ya do? Maybe again soon. Who knows?


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