Me and Tony

Well, I was watching No Reservations: Paris last night. Let me tell you. I can’t get enough Anthony Bourdain. I just finished reading A Cook’s Tour. I highly recommend it. Anyway, as I was watching the show, I decided that I need to be more like Tony.

I need to start cooking again. I need to travel.bourdain.jpg

And, I need to get a cool tattoo.

I’m kinda thinking of getting one like he has (as shown on his right arm in the picture above). Or maybe I’ll just get a shamrock or something. Who knows. And, anyway, knowing my highly addictive personality, I’ll probably have five or six of them before I know it. Anyway, that’s my plan for today.

If you have any recommendations for particularly cool designs, let me know!


4 Responses to “Me and Tony”

  1. k Says:

    really? a tattoo? you HATE tattoos!

  2. nosetback Says:

    What do you think though? Maybe some barbed wire around my ankle? Or maybe a leprechaun?

  3. kristen Says:

    Um, I dunno. You’re still joking I think… I hope. God, I hope. Maybe try for something more original? 🙂 something that is “you”

  4. nosetback Says:

    Yes, but what in tattoo form is “me”?

    Hehe, I could have my “list of things to do” tattooed onto my arm…it never changes anyway! (That’s definitely me joking)

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