A Whole New Head

So, yesterday I got up and was happy right from the start. I showered and shaved and flossed and put on one of my new cool shirts and my even newer jeans and headed off to the dentist. Hello, E.! Oh yeah, forty-five minutes with a cutie AND cleaner teeth at the end of it all! Can’t beat that. Okay, the downside is that she’s getting married next month, but, that’s okay, I can wait it out. Hehe.

And then I went from there directly to the barber to get a haircut. I wish I had been able to do that first, but hey, what can you do? By the time I got done there I was feeling like I had a whole new head. If only I could’ve thrown in some therapy it would’ve been a triple header.

Hehe, get it, triple “header.”

It IS SO funny. Don’t even tell me that it isn’t.

Speaking of funny, when I was up at work today, I visited the ladies in the office. They love me. Love me. So, you know, I give them a little Joe time whenever I can. So anyway, one of them mentions that the other had a birthday on Friday and had just turned fifty.

Ms. R: How old did you think I was? Answer carefully.

I took a step back and started to laugh. I couldn’t even get out any of the usual nice things that any smart man knows enough to say.

But then–then–a couple minutes later, Ms. R says to me totally seriously–really totally seriously–so, are you my age or a year or two older?


Oh my gawd, she thought I was in my fifties! And I suddenly feel THAT old! I laughed when she said it–and the other office ladies laughed at the thought–but, man, I must be looking old or something nowadays. Fifties? I know they’re not that far off for me, but no, no, no, not yet.

So, yeah, that’s where I am right now–a whole new head, a fiftyish-looking whole new head on me.


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