Not Much

Not much new to write about at the moment. Let’s see. Last night we had a committee meeting. It went fairly well I would say. It wasn’t your typical meeting–four women drinking wine and me. Apparently it was a night off for the other beer drinkers. Then P. and I stopped down the hill for a bite to eat and to watch a bit of the Red Sox. (Why can the Red Sox not hit the ball when Dice K is pitching?)

We ran into JetBlue, who was on her way out the door when I got there. She stayed to tell a few stories, review a few books, and to suggest starting a book club. Hehe. That all started because she mentioned that she was reading Kite Runner, which I, quite randomly, also just started to read. P. also mentioned an interest in reading it–so, yeah, um, a book club. I mean, if maybe you got around to returning the occasional phone call we could set that up, babe.

Oh well. And then, a minute after she left the bar, she called to say that she didn’t want D. in the bookclub–he’s far too evolved for the rest of us. Hehe, again.

And today I worked some extra hours. Sweet! Nothing like extra money that I hadn’t really expected. The only catch is that I have to learn about solar power–and teach about it–damned quick. Solar–WHAT? Yeah, I’m an absolute beginner on the subject, so wish me luck!

That’s all for now.


One Response to “Not Much”

  1. brittnie Says:

    LOVE The Kite Runner.

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