A Variety of Randumb Things

Oh man, someone found my blog to day while using the search term “ass sex.” I hope they found what they were looking for…somewhere else that is. Oh, and good luck in your latest endeavor.

I took D^ to the driving range today. He’s all about wanting to golf with me this year. Which is cool. He did okay. A bit better than last year. And, while the driving range doesn’t have the power of playing catch, the thought of sharing a sport that I can actually keep playing for the next twenty or more years is a nice one.

I’ve decided to boycott JetBlue. Yes, not the airline but the oft-referred to person in this blog. Of course, this boycott will probably last another five hours to 2 days, knowing me, but for the moment it’s firmly in my mind. And, of course though, it’s really only a strategy. When things start to ebb, as they have been for a couple of days, I’ve found that the best way to turn the tide around is to back away a bit.

Oh no, I’m mixing my airline analogy with an ocean analogy, that can’t be good.

Padraig has taking up telling people when they’re being sarcastic. Twice I’ve heard someone say something mildly sarcastic to him (sorry I can’t remember the examples) and he’ll just come out and say: “You’re being sarcastic, right?” He’s good with the language skills, let me tell ya.

I feel like saying a nice thing about JetBlue: sometimes, when she’s had a few drinks (and since we tend to hang out in bars a lot, that’s often) she’ll quietly sing along with a song she likes on the jukebox. And her singing voice is so beautiful, jazzy and soulful, it melts me for those few moments. Melts me like buddah.

The Red Sox against the Yankees this weekend. Let’s see if a few of the Sox can start hitting. They’re going to need it tonight against the evil Andy Pettite. Yes, I know he’s not really evil, but watch him when he’s pitching. He looks so damned evil!

Is it wrong to keep plugging away at a potential relationship when one of the better things you can think of about it is that if it lasts through the summer you’ll have access to a swimming pool and a deck? Hmmm… I mean, there are plenty of other reasons, but the pool looms large, especially at times like this when I want to move on.

Oh well, enough about that for one day.

I have this foolish notion that I want to go to Europe this summer. I have no money and well-extended credit. Please talk me out of it.

I’m working in July but thinking of getting another job for August. Something different and non-professional. Hmmm….any idears?

Well, off to enjoy the beautiful weather.


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