Nothing Much

Nothing much to write about today–at least nothing simmering at the top of my head.

I had my son’s baseball practice yesterday. I got to catch him while he practiced pitching. I also got to be the stand-in third base coach–I’ll be coaching if one of the other coaches can’t.  Exciting stuff, eh? Oh, but the most memorable moment came when he was pitching to me. He threw a ball that tailed off into the dirt and I didn’t get my glove on it and it bounced up and–as you may already be guessing–balls stopping balls ain’t the way to go through life. If you’ve ever experienced this feeling you’ll know that, oftentimes at least, after the initial jolt there is a brief moment when you feel no pain. Suddenly though, you find yourself in unimaginable pain. Debilitating pain. When I finally–and gingerly–was able to walk to the ball, the baseball that is, I then walked to my son. Oh, and he knew what happened. He had a big smile on his face, told me that I turned my glove the wrong way and then walked over to a friend and whispered to him–and of course the friend started laughing too. Note to self: work on empathy skills with the boy.

Other than that, I have a meeting tonight. And then a meeting after the meeting. And then, one hopes, a meeting after the meeting after the meeting. And there’s a chance that JetBlue will be there, so that should be interesting in light of our most recent conversation. Interesting how? you might ask. That’s where I say, there’s no way of knowing what will happen until it happens.

Well, I’m off to do hall monitoring duty. I just realized that I forgot to bring in Kite Runner. Dammit. At least I have tons of correcting to catch up on!


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