Odds and Ends

FIRST OF ALL: I’m taking bets on what day I’ll be writing the post titled: “The Big Let Down.”

SECONDLY: Note to self: teach JetBlue how NOT to use ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME on her phone.

NEXT: D. was talking about K2 last night–how she hit him up for some money. He and Dr. B. referred to her as a succubus, as she apparently drains people emotionally and financially–tell me you wouldn’t be fascinated by her the way I am. I mean, come on, that’s a hell of a lot of blogging material we’re looking at there.

NEXT: After JetBlue left, D. and Dr. B. started to give me advice, beginning with “If you don’t follow her out that door now and bang her you’re stupid.” All I kept saying was “I know what I’m doing.” And, while that may only be partially true, it’s much better than taking a page from their “How to Pick Up Women in a Bar and Make Them Feel Like Shit Afterwards” guide. And, besides, Dr. B, I haven’t seen one woman even talk to you in the past month I’ve known you. I felt like saying “Guys, if I took your advice I might be banging her tonight and then forgetting about her like you would. But maybe I wanna be banging her six months from now, ten months, years.” Two things to note–I don’t know if that’s what I want, but who knows maybe and, also, I don’t actually talk like that. Even when I am talking to their misogynist asses.

FINALLY: I’m sure there’s more I want to write about, but I’m suddenly very tired so I’ll just say see ya later for now.


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