Songs, Signs, and Coasters

In my last post I mentioned that there was probably more for me to write about Wednesday night. And indeed, now that I’m a little less tired, there are a couple of other things for me to say. And I can’t believe these were the things I forgot to write about!

First of all, at some point later in the evening the song “Missing You” came on. And JetBlue started to sing. Ooooo baby! If you’re a regular reader here, you know what that does for me. The funny thing is, the second time the chorus came up, she sang:

“I ain’t missing D. at all (missing D.)/since D.’s been gone away”

It was hilarious, though D. didn’t seem to hear it. He misses a lot of stuff like that, but what can ya do? I was laughing my ass off while at the same time hoping the song would never end.

Okay, I also forgot to tell you the other funny thing that JetBlue did. When telling me the story of her bad day she went onto a side story about how once she had to transport two teenage gang members who happened to be in rival gangs. That’s great stuff. So, they were driving through the flats, flashing their gang signs out the window. She got pissed off at them and when they stopped at a light and they started up again she rolled down her window and started to do her own exaggerated version of the gang signs–which she demonstrated for me at the bar–again, hilfuckinarious! Apparently the gangstas in the back seat thought so too because they laughed uproariously all the way to their destination. Great stuff that!

Oh, and finally, I can’t believe I forgot to mention the coaster fight–instigated by moi. I told JetBlue that I could hit D. who was like five seats down at the time. So I gave it a shot, but missed terribly, almost hitting someone three seats down from D. Though D. didn’t witness the shot–it was so far off–D2 did and he shouted over to D. that JetBlue was throwing coasters at him. Hehe, no one believed that it was me. So D. tried to retaliate, but his throw limply landed on the bar a yard or two short of us. D2 got involved, nearly hitting D. And JetBlue even tossed one for good measure, again missing the mark. D.’s second shot was a little better, but again he missed. My point–we all suck at coaster fighting.

That’s enough writing for now I should think.


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