Your Tuesday Morning Update

Serious Injuries: First of all, I seriously screwed up a muscle in my right arm on Sunday. I was on about the tenth hole of our round when I first felt it–a sharp pain close to the bend in my arm. Being the trooper I am I kept playing, but each time I made contact with the ball the same sharp pain rifled through my arm. That made for a long second nine. Luckily I was able to ice it down between shots using the cans of frosty beverages that we brought with us.

Secondly, also while golfing, we came close to serious injury when D. gunned the golf cart down a bumpy hill, hit a tree root and started to slide sideways. Not only were we on the verge of tipping, but he had to negotiate a sharp curve, otherwise we’d be down a tree-filled gully. He managed to stay on the path but not without me whacking my head on the top of the cart, slamming my side into the arm rest, not to mention spilling quite a bit of beer all over my shoes. And I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that we almost flipped over. Though I was laughing I was pretty pissed at him. Crazy-assed bastahd.

Well, in the interest of posting this in the A.M. I will stop here–the next part of the update is a long one. A long wait on a frozen runway.


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