A Whole Lotta Whatevah

So, I got to add a couple of hours more onto the gargantuan amount of time I have spent talking to JetBlue. I heard a few old stories again, but also some new ones. I would retell a couple of them them here but they probably lose something in the translation. To give you an idea of how the night went on the whole, at some point in the evening her “#1 man” stopped into the bar and ended up sitting on her left side, with me plunked down there to her right. Oh yeah, only in a sitcom do you get that type of entertainment. The funniest thing was was that when he arrived she spent a solid ten minutes in the women’s room “freshening up” and then he ended up only staying for ten minutes beyond that! Hehe–I cannot believe that this guy, whom others have told me at best only has a surface level interest in her–is what she’s chasing after. It’s almost like she’s avoiding real relationships and is justifying it by always having some disinterested guy on the hook. Who knows? But I think I’m onto something there. The thing is, the guy is pretty frickin’ hot. Hell, I’d go out with him if he asked. He’s got that permanent two day growth and probably owns a half a dozen grooming tools to achieve the effect. On top of that, he is quiet and friendly and unassuming. But, let me tell you JetBlue, everything about his body language last night tells me that you ain’t got no relationship happening there. Maybe the occasional date when he’s bored, but that’s about it. But, hey, do what you gotta do.

At some point in the evening I went out for a smoke with R. Although R. hasn’t appeared here on the blog before, he’s someone that I’ve run into a number of times. A really nice guy, friendly and mellow. The friendly is I’m sure a lifelong trait. The mellow is achieved in part by lots of smoking of an alternative substance. Anyway, he and I were smoking a cigarette and he says: “Hey, what’s going on between you and JetBlue?” And I laughed as said “as far as I know nothing.” He was a bit incredulous so I added “You never know what’s going on with her, what she’s thinking.” He smiled knowingly and the conversation moved on. For the next hour or two though, while I was talking to JetBlue, I would look up and he would look at me and smile and shake his head. Sometimes he would be giggling at me too though, now that I think of it, that might’ve been the alternative substance speaking. Probably not, though.

Later on in the evening, OCE came in. At some point he came down and started talking city-business with me. Thanks for interrupting, buddy. As he rambled on, JB started texting to someone–actually she had been doing it on and off for a while. But, hey, I do that too sometimes. After he finally left, she mentioned that one of her “friends” was in Florida and she was telling “her friend” about the Red Sox game. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but “friend” is her way of “slyly” mentioning some other guy with whom she’s maintaining one of her go nowhere relationships.

Okay, so after all this I took off and, on the way home, sent her a quick text message. And, hehe, her reply was that she couldn’t find her car keys so she was possibly stranded. Hehe, I just started laughing. But then I nobly offered to go back if she needed a ride or help or whatever. In the end she found the keys, problem solved. And that was that.

No new clue on how she feels about me. Logged in a few more hours of chat time. Watched the Red Sox lose. Like I said, a whole lotta whatevah.


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