When we showed up at my son D^’s baseball practice yesterday, we were surprised to find that his team was going to have a scrimmage against another team–in fact it was last season’s second-best team. (Those of you who read my last blog or who know me may recall that last year D^’s team compiled a nearly unheard of 20-0 record in his league). Well the scrimmage went along the way scrimmages do until the third inning when the coach told D^ he’d be pitching that inning! D^ hadn’t pitched at all last year and was one of several people who the coach had tried out as the number two pitcher. So here he was last night, pitching for the first time ever to live batters!

Yes, dear readers, I know this is far more interesting to me than it is to you.

At any rate, to cut to the chase, as a proud parent I can say that he struck out the side! Of course, as an objective observer I must add that he also gave up five or six walks and an infield hit. But that’s okay. The coach was happy about how he did on his first ever outing and I was proud of how he composed himself. It was a great evening of baseball for me. It certainly made up for the fact that I took one where it counts when he was doing some pitching practice last week.

Oh–and that reminds me–last night at the bar somehow a conversation started up about that very subject–taking one in the family jewels–and JetBlue claimed that men were exaggerating about the pain associated with that sort of mishap. Ha! Her theory didn’t go over well with the four or five of us she was talking to. And, anyway, I got to retell my story for our corner of the bar. Nothing like talking about intense testicle pain with someone you are trying to impress!


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