I Lost My Balls

I figured that would get your attention, dear readers.

So, anyway, yesterday A-Dawg and I started golfing in a league here in town–meaning my town, not the town we work in. It didn’t go so well for either of us; we both totally had some double digit holes. The one thing worth noting about the evening: I discovered from our opponents last night–and maybe I should have already known this–that sixty year old men are no different than forty year olds or even twenty somethings like D. They are dawgs; they will take any opportunity to be near young, beautiful women and then will say the funniest, most inappropriate things afterwards. And of course, on the golf course, that humor involves lots of references to your clubs, your balls, and–as you may have guessed–putting it in the hole. Oh my.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, I’ve been slowly getting acquainted with more and more of the regulars–people whom I’ve seen about frequently but hadn’t yet talked to. More opportunities for stories no doubt. Last night, D. decided to try out his skateboarding skills in the parking lot. Apparently he used to be a crazy-assed skateboarder. And having seen his ADHD self in action before I don’t doubt that he was. So, while J. and I and M. watched, D. tried to do some tricks in the parking lot using M.’s board. He didn’t quite pull any of them off, but it was clear that with a little practice he could have. And now he and J. want to get some rollerblades. Yes, rollerblades. Hehe…anyway, nothing too exciting to write about except that the Red Sox won, booyah! And I’ve once again sworn off JetBlue.

Until the next time.


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