A Quandary

Okay, so as I told you yesterday, I decided to swear off JetBlue. We hung out at the bar on Tuesday and seemingly hit it off well–as if often the case while in the confines of the bar–but afterwards I, despite telling myself that I wasn’t going to, called her and asked her out. Well, left a message to that effect. Got no response. Nothing Wednesday. Nothing Thursday. (This is what led me to finally throw in the towel). So, of course, I get a text message from her today: “Not up for a movie but thanks. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.” So, yeah, a rejection is better than no response at all.

But I’m not sure what I should do. Do I ignore her message and continue my boycott? Do I write back downplaying it as no big deal? Or even just write back to say thanks for letting me know? For now I’m ignoring the message. But I’d love to here from any readers as to what you think I should do. In fact, even better, if you’d like to leave a comment with a funny or inappropriate response I could give her, I’d love to here them. You know, something like: “Okay great. I’ll pick you up at seven.” or “Your loss, bee-atch.”


2 Responses to “A Quandary”

  1. k Says:

    don’t call, don’t write.

  2. no set back Says:

    Thanks! I’ve done exactly that, so far at least.

    I’m also practicing my aloofness skills in case I see her this weekend, hehe.

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