So many things to write about, so little time to do it. The rest of this week I’ll be away on a school visit and then a conference so most of today will be spent getting lesson plans together for the poor unfortunate substitute who will be here in my place.

For now, one little story from last night…after our golf tournament, D. and I headed down the hill to the bar and met up with some of the usual suspects. Anyway, one of his employees was playing pool with his girlfriend and another woman so I figured a few games of pool might be in order. Anyway, at some point, the friend, let’s call her Mg, went out for a smoke so I figured that that would be a good idea too. So we chatted for a bit and went back to our respective games of pool. And the evening went on with the occasional word or two, a cigarette here and there. No big deal, but I was feeling happy.

So, anyway, to make a long story short, later in the evening I was out having a cigarette with R.–who’ll play a larger role in one of my upcoming blog entries–and Mg came out the door, headed home. So, she looks over at me and says “Good night, J.” And I said good night and, as she headed away, R. says to me quite sincerely “Is that a former student of yours?” Ouch. Oh man, what the fuck is all I gotta say to that one. But I just laughed and told him what was up. And he laughed and we all laughed and the night went on…

Next up: the burning hat, the campfire, and some not so fiery updates on JetBlue.


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