The Schill, K2, and the Hat

I’ve added Curt Schilling’s blog, 38 Pitches, to my blogroll. Just thought I’d let you know that.

Oh, but speaking of the Red Sox, K2 was at the bar last night when D. and I first got there. I think she was headed out on a date or something because 1) she was looking freakin’ cute wearing a white cardigan; 2) she kept looking nervously at her watch; and 3) she asked D. if she needed to put on make-up. The funny thing is, it looked like she already had make-up on her cheeks and D. said: “Don’t you already have it on? It looks great” And K2 replies: “Oh no, that’s from an anaphylactic reaction I had to something I ate yesterday.” Oh yeah, I know being smitten with her defies all logic, but all I have to say is that she can even make a serious case of the hives look good to me.

Meanwhile, one of the bartenders just got dumped by her boyfriend and she spent the evening crying and carrying on for whoever was willing to listen. But, hey, in a way that’s the sort of thing that everyone is there for. The highlight of that story was when she and JMc went ouside with the Ex’s hat and a bottle of some mildly flammable substance. After they walked out the door R. looked at me and said: “You know we hafta see how this turns out.” So, we all went outside and they got a bucket and lit the hat on fire. Pictures were taken. Curses were hurled at it. Alas, nothing exploded although we were all secretly hoping that sometihng like that would go down. After a few minutes the fire died down leaving only some acrid smoke for the neighbors to worry about.


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