Good Advices

Well, I’m out here on the Cape at a conference. Not a bad deal: beautiful weather, golf course, indoor wave pool and jacuzzi. Oh yeah. But more on that later.

Okay, so when you pack for a three day conference, do not–I repeat–do not save half the packing for the night before after you go out to the bar to “watch the baseball game.” So far, I have had to buy pajamas (I have a roommate) and a bathing suit, both of which I forgot. I brought at least three things that I think were in my dirty laundry at home.I discovered on waking this morning that I am also missing my shaving stuff (hope my colleagues think that I’m going for the cool Clooney look) and my shampoo (which means sing the nasty hotel shitepoo).

Yes, folks, packing at two in the morning is very very bad, because when you then get up at six to get ready to leave, believe me, your brain ain’t going to be remembering shite. On the plus side, my brain only hazily remembers talking to the jilted bartender for an hour or two, listening to her tale of woe and, after a few drinks, wondering if it would not cool to hit on her at the end of the night. NB: Kids, we all know it’s not cool. I also only dimly remember K2 walking in as I was walking out and I almost turned around and walked back in. Again, kids, that wouldn’t have been cool.

Well, I’m off to my conference, unshaven and with dried out, unmanagable hair…


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