One Track Mind

Apparently the Wifi here at the conference hotel doesn’t reach out to the patio next to the pool. Overlooking the golf course. I’m so at home right now. So you’ll have to wait for this blog entry until I can get back indoors. And that might be a while. The weather here is once again beautiful; the workshops are dull; and the golf course is beckoning me. But I think I’m going to use my free time for the pool instead.

Well, yesterday afternoon I tried out the wavepool, the Jacuzzi and even the cool slide at the hotel. I’m such a child sometimes. There were a coupla 23 year olds there so I asked about their tattoos. Tattoos are such a great ice-breaker. Booyah! After a bit more Jacuzzi-ing, I headed back to the room and then last night my colleague and I ate at Captain Parker’s. Gotta love Captain Parker’s. We sat at the bar and I made sure to sit next to the one young woman that was there. Alas, I found out within minutes that she was married. As in Maine, people here on the Cape marry young. What else is there to do here, right? But the meal was great; the beers went down like water; and the Red Sox were on their way to another win.

My colleague, after one beer and a, um, ginger ale, decided to call it a night. Yeah, you know what I’m saying. So I headed back out on my own. The original plan was to go to a British Pub type place on Main St. but as I was headed into town I saw two really really hot girls smoking cigarettes in front of a place called the 19th Hole. Immediate change of plan. Hey, beautiful women who smoke are high up there on my list of reasons to go to a bar. Or anyplace for that matter. So I swung to the bank and headed back. Of course, the way things roll for me, they were gone and it was just the bartender and four guys playing pool. Eventually a few more people trickled in. It’s a great bar. Very much like my own favorite haunt. Everybody knew each other’s name (except for me of course); they had their own little “love corner” as it’s called back in Ho’yoke. The Red Sox were on. Couldn’t go wrong. This woman, G., who was part of the “love corner” was even talking about this other woman who was having some weird relationship with some guy. Funnily enough, that woman with the weird relationship shares the same first name with our own JetBlue. Parents, don’t give your daughters that name. They’ll turn into relationship nutzos. (Oh, and if you don’t know JetBlue’s proper name–and are in the process of naming a child–just contact me through this blog and I’ll let you know, hehe).

Anyway, I left there and went to Roobar. Oh, by the way, there should be a dot over each of those “o”s–you know, to make it even trendierer. I’m thinking of heading back there tonight. Lots of very cool chicks. Not that I have a chance with chicks who think they’re cool, but, hey, you can’t give up on impossible dreams.

UPDATE: So, today my colleague and I lunched at Olive Garden. Not my choice, but hey, whatever. Our waitress, Svetlana, was so freakin’ cute–yep, including the impossibly cute Russian accent. I was so flirting with her and she was liking it. Oooh baby. Alas my colleague was there and he was being a bit of a buzz kill, but that’s okay. If he weren’t there I so would have made a fool out of myself and asked her out or something. But anyway, nothing like some innocent flirting to get some practice. And I’m sure Svetlana didn’t mind the 37% tip I left. (Mind you, it was a cheap lunch, so the amount of money wasn’t outrageous–don’t want you to think I’m a fool with my money…um, even if sometimes I am.)

So, that’s it for now…


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