A Mistake, But Not Really

So, last night I had to head out alone because my lame colleague once again decided to stay in. Oh, well, he would’ve just weighed me down anyway. So, I headed out–first to Molly’s and then to the 19th Hole to watch the Red Sox murdalize the Blue Jays. And then I made the best decision evah. Instead of going back to Roobar right after the Hole I decided to stop into the BBC. I thought I would only be there for one or two, but little did I know that it was the place to be–especially for a single guy like me.

I got there around nine thirty and knew right away it was going to be a good time. A band was setting up; women all over the place; dozens of fancy English beers. I was all about it. As the band kicked off and things started rocking, I realized two things–first, the crowd was mostly younger twenty somethings, but there were maybe three or four guys in my age range AND at least fifteen “older” (you know thirties and forties) women! I like them odds. Secondly, I also had made some quality eye contact with three or four of them. No wait, reverse that, they were looking at me. Gotta love the cape in off-season. Not a lot of respectable available men. Pure gold. I gotta move here.

At some point early in the night I stepped out back and realized there was a line of forty or fifty people waiting to get in. This is a Thursday we’re talking about here. The place was hopping. So, anyway, if you haven’t picked it up already this blog–and this blog entry–are mostly about my travails in the dating world. I could stop this little story and tell you about all the things I learned about teaching reading at my conference, but you get my point. If you don’t want to know about it all, here’s your chance to look away…

But, anyway, I zeroed in on this one woman. You may know the “pick-up” theory of separating women from the herd if you want to have any chance with them. Well, the way my night was rolling, the herd separated from her. No need to figure out how to have an in. One by one her friends broke off to talk to guys, giving a chance to practice my chit-chatting skills. And I’ll say, she wasn’t brilliant. Pretty good looking, but not much style in the way she was dressed and to be honest not too interesting a person from first impressions. But that’s okay too. But then something happened…

I suddenly noticed one of the eye-contact women standing next to me with her friend whom she’d been having dinner with. And she was pretty freakin’ hot. A little older than me, but oh my! So I said hi to her and she started in on talking to me. She and her friend (let’s call them Jul’ and Viv’ because those were their names) were from England, here on vacation. We had lots to talk about, what with me having spent a good bit of time there. It’s funny though, within the first minute of talking she was like “You must miss your family being away” and I knew right away she was fishing so I set her straight. And then, she asked why I was out alone–this is where Ed’s lame ass presence would’ve helped–because, you know, women are rightfully wary of aimless and friendless drifters. That’s the good thing about my home bar–even if I show up alone I can easily find some other person to confirm that I’m not collecting careless women in my fridge at home or anything like that. But anyway, let’s get off the creepy tangent…  

Then the three of us went for a cigarette, listened to the music, danced a little. I noticed that girl number one had disappeared but at the time I didn’t care about it much. Jul’talked about  being a bank manager, about London, how Viv’ was married but that was divorced; then she threw something in there about having a boyfriend. And I was like “Oh, really” but I decided to ignore the implications of that. And the night and the music and the drinks went on. Somewhere near closing time we decided to head out. Viv’ went to get theircar and, well, I won’t say much else except yadda yadda yadda the quote of the night was “well, anything else is out of the question, but a little snogging never hurt anyone.”

Okay, so you see my mistake. Perhaps not, so I’ll tell you. I had someone interested in me, who was perfectly acceptable to me. A local, who, depending upon how things had gone, might’ve been inviting me home. I dropped that for Jul’s good looks but they were attached to a hotel mate not to mention a boyfriend. Bad choice on my part. Not terrible, because I had a shitload of fun, but I should’ve stuck with girl number one. But then again, who knows, maybe girl number one is collecting careless men in her fridge. I’ll never know…


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