Uh Huh, Oh Yeah

Well, it looks like I have a date tonight. Woot woot! The details have not been worked out, but everything seems to be set. Now, when I tell you this, I also must say that this is just going to be a fun night out. We’re not looking at a big ol’ relationship brewing here or anything. So don’t expect the tone of this blog to change anytime soon–you know, to where I start telling you about how we shared our feelings last night and how we are better people because of it. Unfortunately, that ain’t in the cards.

Meanwhile, though I was exhausted last night, I headed out (after watching the Office) to listen to a reggae band down at my favorite bar. And everyone else must’ve been tired too because many of my regular characters were not out and about. D. was though and M. The Jilted One was having yet another tough night. JMc was there, obnoxiously telling the band to turn down the music–in the middle of one of their first songs! I guess we can cut him some slack though if he ties one on every once in a while–he’s headed off to Iraq all too soon. But no JetBlue (no problem there) and no K2–and I was really hoping to get some clarity there, but I guess I’ll have to wait. Like JetBlue, K2 is the sort of person that everyone tries to warn you away from, but that’s okay: I’m just seeing for myself what’s going on there.

In between sets I headed down to another bar with D. Miraculously, the Jilted One was there–even though I could’ve sworn that we had just left her back uptown. I don’t know–maybe she’s cloned herself to be able to spread the keening out a bit. Lord knows, it seems to be getting worse instead of better. Anyway, I had only planned on stopping down there for one and, in fact, had to speed that plan up when I realized that one of the girls that D. was about to swoop down on had been a babysitter for the boys not so long ago. I did NOT need to be there for that.

Well, all the while I had been texting with Afternoon Girl and called her once. She’s so sweet and funny. What she sees in me I don’t know, but, at the same time, I’m not going to question it. I’m just looking forward to a sweet and relaxing evening tonight. Just floating along, taking life as it comes.


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