A Rare Weekend Post

Well, to start off I’d like to point out that tomorrow (Sunday) is my father’s 84th birthday. Pretty frickin’ amazing if you ask me.

Yesterday, after work I went out with a few co-workers. First, it’s interesting in that people that I hardly interacted with for the last few years are now at the point where they grill me with questions about my personal life–which is a good thing, of course. Also, when I was talking to him alone, one of my new co-workers, DawG, suggested that if his wife ever wanted to be with a woman that he would be fine with it as long as he could watch. Because, as he rightly pointed out, that is every man’s fantasy. When I repeated that little vignette to a friend later on, she replied “I like the way he thinks.” Maybe it’s not just men.

But, anyway, all this recalled to me a little conversation from the bar the other night…

D.: See that mother-daughter pair over there? I’d like to do the both of them together.

JetBlue: Ewww, that’s gross. You’re sick.

D.: What’s sick about that? It would be funnnn!

JetBlue: Do you really think a mother and a daughter have ever gone out looking to tag team some guy?

D.: There’s all sorts of people out there. I’d believe it.

JetBlue: What if your mother and sister were doing that? You would think THAT was sick.

D.: No, if that’s what they want to do, that’s what they want to do. It wouldn’t bother me.

JetBlue: Fuck you. You’re just saying that. (turns to D.R. who hadn’t been listening to the conversation) D.R., if your mother and sister were going out to have threesomes with random guys, how would you feel about it?

D.R.: Hey, if that’s what they wanna do, let ’em do it.


All that leads me to Afternoon Girl (no longer really an apropos name, but I’m sticking with it for continuity)…

Okay, because I knew that I was going out with people from work for a while, I had told Afternoon Girl that we could meet up anytime after five. I figured I could have a drink or two with my buddies, head home to freshen up and maybe even take a quick nap–did I mention that I was exhausted all day Friday?

Well, the couple of beers turned into a few and before you knew, I was heading out of the bar (which is up north of work, out of my lame cell phone’s range) at 4:45, figuring I could call her by 5 and make whatever plans we might make. The minute I got into cell phone range, my blue light was blinking. Shite, I thought. First message: “Meet at 5 in W-field?” Double shite. Second message: (I readied myself for something not so nice before I read this one) “Running late. Call me whenever you’re ready.” Psyched. I thought for a second there I already had a strike against me.

So, I called her on my way home. (Did I mention that I love her voice?) We set up a 6 o’clock meeting downtown, because she was going to be there anyway. I jetted home, got as ready as I could–luckily she liked the unshaven look that I had presented on Monday, because I had no time to shave so she was getting it again this night.

Well, even without shaving, I ended up running a couple of minutes late, due to traffic. Now THAT’S a strike against me, I figured. Oh, and it had started to rain–so I was a little late while she was somewhere dealing with the rain. Two strikes. Damn, off to a poor start. The amazing thing is, though, she didn’t care at all about any of those things. She laughed off the fact I’d even be concerned about running late. So cool.

Anyway, I’m not feeling in the mood to go into too many details of my evening. Not for any particular reason, except I just don’t want to over-analyze a good thing. Let’s see. We had some West Side sushi–it was pretty good. We talked about how she liked finding unintentional humor in neon signs with lights burnt out. For example, downtown the Westwood Restaurant was advertising itself as “Wetwood.” We also talked about how “Cyber Exchange” was a terrible name for a store (yes, that’s a real West Side store name!), that is, because it’s a used computer store and not a skeazy porn shop. And one of us pointed out that “Wetwood” is something one would expect to find at the Cyber Exchange.

Oh, and we almost went to the movies. But didn’t. We just ended up hanging out and talking some and eventually going to 7-11 for snacks and drinks and then driving back to “the Whip City.” Hehe, great nickname. All I can say is that it was the best night I’ve had in a long, long time and it was refreshing that none of it happened in a bar.

This past week has been a special one. Not just the refreshing change that Afternoon Girl has brought to my life, but also other possibilities brewing out there. No, not just other possible relationships, but new opportunities for advancement–and for becoming more involved–at my work.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s my dad’s 84th birthday? Happy Birthday, dad. And many more.


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