More on Monday

A conversation snippet:

 D.: Who the fuck would want to date you?

JetBlue: Yeah, well who the fuck would want to date you?

I thought about this today and who the fuck would want to date any of us? We hang around in this ever-changing gaggle of people who all know each other’s shit. Our main form of entertainment is to either crack on someone for their mistakes or to gossip when they’re not around. Of course, that monotony is broken up by the occasional ‘ex-boyfriend’s hat burning’ or moving someone’s car or some guy collapsing off his stool.

I am at least getting something out of it: new friends and acquaintances, the occasional date, and massive amounts of raw material for my writing. In the last week alone I’ve written over 7000 words on the subject. Maybe not publishable stuff, but that’s certainly plenty of raw material.

Anyway, that’s that. Oh, except last night D. was talking to K2 about how great the Cowboy Junkies were and she was saying that she loved them but hadn’t listened to them in a while. Thanks D. She so totally would have gone but you didn’t want her there. Shite on ye, ye arse.


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