The Best of… Awards: Monday

I wish that I could encapsulate last night into one paragraph–I really don’t feeling like writing a lot today (though I probably will). I also wish that I could write up everything that happened with some clarity and focus but–what with last night’s tiredness and the long night it became–I know I can’t quite put it all together. So, what I’ll do is pick out moments as I remember them and then try to put it all together to create a coherent whole. Or, as close to whole as I can get.

Sweetest Moment of Monday: A nice phone conversation with Afternoon Girl shortly after I arrived at the bar. Well, nice except for the two times that D. interrupted to point out the bark mulch that he had laid down around the outside of the bar that day. But, anyway, considering how shy I can be–especially on the phone–we had a nice, natural, easy-going conversation. And while I know that this is all just a, I don’t know, maybe a fling–well, I don’t know how to categorize it–that’s okay. It’s so nice to really get to know someone new, someone really fascinating. Not to mention someone not tied directly into the soap opera that is the bar.

Most Quotable Moment of Monday: JetBlue and D. were having one of their arguments. You know–D. tells JetBlue that she makes bad choices when it comes to men (which seems to be true) and JetBlue tells D. that he’ll never find a woman who can put up with him (also probably true). But anyway, as the argument headed down one of it’s many dead ends…

D.: I’m my own best form of entertainment.

JetBlue: No! I’m my own best form of entertainment.

Me: Um, I think both of those statements could be true. They don’t cancel each other out.

Woman Next to Me: Thanks for moderating them. Without you this would be ridiculous.

Award for Most Ironic Advice Given: So, anyway, JetBlue–uncharacteristically– was talking openly about this guy that’s basically been dicking her around. She bemoaned the fact that she always goes against her instincts and ignores warning signs that a guy might be bad news. So, in talking about this guy, she says that the Jilted One and K2 and CG and others told her that this guy was a liar and bad news and to stay away from him. So, I said: “You know, if several people warn you not to date someone, that’s got to be good advice. You’re not going to change someone just like that.” Now, would someone please say that to me?

Most Bizarre Moment of Monday: That would have to be JetBlue using my phone to call the guy that she’s been “dating” so that he’d answer his phone (apparently he wasn’t answering when her name came up or something). I told her that if he ever calls me trying to get a hold of her I’m just going to say that she’s sleeping and I don’t want to wake her from her post-coital slumber…okay, I didn’t use the word “post-coital” but it sounded better than what I did say.

The Most Heartless Award Goes To…: Early in the evening JMc told us that K2 had been in a car accident the night before. Apparently she had sent him a text message that said something like: “I’m okay except for the fat lip, the bruised ribs, the concussion, etc.” And for some reason D. and JMc found all this fricking hilarious. Especially the “etc.” You know, I know the girl brings a tornado of drama with her sometimes, but, guys, have a little compassion for someone who’s been in an accident.

Most Likely to Toy With My Affections: While I’d like to give this award to JetBlue–I mean, last night she was very touchy and stuff (yeah, all while she was talking about this other guy who was messing with her head) I was able to hold back and not try to ask her out or get the idea in my head that she might actually take some of the advice given to her by everyone and look for someone who’s a decent person and stable. Sorry, JetBlue, if you want to call me feel free, butI’ve been rejection free for 15 days and I think I’m going to keep it that way. At any rate, last night she was at the very least trying to draw me back in a bit. I could feel it. And I’ll have to admit, I started to feel that sense of hope rising, but at the same time I held back as best I could.

But, no, the award goes to K2. First of all, the funny thing is that at some point after K2 arrived–and let me just say, for someone with a fat lip she was still alluring to me–I was standing in between her and JetBlue, listening to JetBlue’s woes and K2’s past woes and how she dealt with them. (Um, if I remember I believe it involved smashing a cell phone). Now I truly understand the whole Scylla and Charybdis thing. But I was loving that the two wacky women that I’ve been interested in were locked in a conversation with me in the middle of it.

Anyway, if you’ve been reading this blog you know that my first meeting with K2 ended with me asking her out on a whim. Which of course didn’t pan out. Subsequent meetings have given me the sense that she has some interest in me, but it’s hard to tell. Well, last night our first contact was when we were outside and she was telling M. about her accident. Apparently she blacked out while driving–she’s says it was a blood sugar problem, but, hey, whatever–and hit a few parked cars and wound up with a messed up car and the above-mentioned injuries. When she talked about getting her car fixed, M. replied “If you can’t duct it, fuck it” which is kind of funny to me because what’s left of my sideview mirror is currently duct-taped to my car. At any rate, she didn’t say much to me during the conversation nor did she when I was talking to her and JetBlue–but then again that whole conversation was all about JetBlue. Yes, the women at the bar bring the drama, they feed into the drama, they live the drama, maybe they even love the drama. I don’t know.

At any rate, I had been planning on leaving by ten–to catch my true love Tony Bourdain (in Korea, no less)–but had been watching my clock fly by that deadline quickly. Hey, JetBlue on a role and K2 in the room–I wasn’t going anywhere. I should’ve of course, but I wasn’t. At any rate, while we were talking, K2 would look over at me once in a while and I would catch her doing it and vice versa. Sweet. Okay, so at like midnight I was just about to get another beer when I heard K2 say she was leaving. She said good night to JetBlue and put her hand softly on my back. Then, mind you, as she made another round of goodbyes–you know how goodbyes can go amongst the drunkards–she put her hand on my back again and this time she strummed her fingers along my back as she did it. So, yet another indication of, um, of I still don’t know what the hell is happening there. But, I’ll say again as I’ve said before: I know that K2’s been pretty messed up in the past and I know she brings the drama, but I still want to see what’s going to happen. I’m still intrigued by her and by the fact that she seems to have some interest in me. And I kinda like that it’s her keeping it going right now. That doesn’t happen to me much.

Biggest Bar Tab Goes To..: Drumroll please…and the winner is…JetBlue. Woot woot, 50 something dollars plus tip. Second prize goes to me, clocking in at a respectable 47 dollars plus tip. On a Monday. Yes, a Monday. Okay, little did I know that K2’s drinks were like $7. And little did I realize that D. and JMc weren’t going to get back to me with a round after I got them one. Oh well, what can ya do?

Let’s see what Tuesday brings.


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