Big Bombs

So, last night was, um, uneventful.

I spent a few hours with the boys. We played baseball in the park for over an hour, not to mention some basement baseball and 2K6. It was a basebally sort of evening.

One interesting note there: when I showed up there, my children’s beloved mother asked me if I knew someone on “the committee” nicknamed “(so-and-so)”–no, I’m not using the nickname here on the blog. I honestly answered “no.” I had never heard that nickname before. Then she added that I had been seen in “(so-and-so’s)” presence recently and it all clicked. “Oh, JetBlue!” and I had a good personal laugh over the nickname. A couple of things here: good to know that OCE is still spying on me and reporting back. What the? After I finished laughing about the nickname, I just said that OCE shouldn’t be saying shite about me because there are a whole helluva lot of shite I could spread about him. And, hehe, that piqued her interest. But I left it at that.

Okay, so what’s really interesting about that is later that night at the bar I heard both D. and JMc use the same freaking nickname! I’ve hung out with D. for months and talked about JetBlue many times and this is the first time I’m hearing him use “the nickname.” Talk about synchronicity!

Let’s see, what else? Well, it was a quiet night in terms of people. A lot of the usual suspects, but no one I was hoping to see. Ok, no K2. JetBlue was also absent, but, who knows, she may have been there earlier. The big event of the night was that at around 10 o’clock someone threw a rock through one of the side windows. It broke through the double pane AND cracked the big mirror in the pool room. D. and JMc and some other people ran out to try to see if they could find who did it. Me, I looked at the damage and continued watching the Red Sox. Hey, I didn’t go out tonight to be a hero in solving a crime that’ll be covered by insurance. So, that’s last night’s excitement.

Early in the night I was asking D. where he had disappeared to the night before. I had seen him talking to some woman and, next thing I knew he was gone. Which is fine. I was just curious. He answered that he wasn’t going to get sucked into my conversation with JetBlue and K2, or, as he put it, “the wackos.” And, though I ‘ve heard lots of things already I figured I would see what he had to say on the issue:

Me: What’s wacko about K2?

D.: Trust me, she’s crazy. Way too much drama there.

Me: But what kind of drama?

D: You’re gonna have to find out for yourself.

Well, as you can see, that was a useless exchange. It’s pretty much the same thing he said to me when I had asked him about JetBlue some time ago. And it’s not like I don’t know plenty of the K2 history stories already.

Anyway, but then later when several of us were talking about K2’s accident, D. says: “Has anyone seen her car? I still don’t believe she was in an accident. I think her pimp gave her a left hook.” And, you know, I was so pissed at D. at that point. Of all people to be bringing out the big bomb on someone. You know, D., I’ve never heard anyone throw your big bomb in your face, though anyone easily could. You think K2 is a joke and a drama queen and you think you can throw shit in her face? You fucker D., someday it’s going to land back on you. It won’t come from me because I’m your friend despite the way you treat other people, but it’s going to come back at you. Anyway, I can’t say that to him so I’m saying it here. Man, I’m still pissed at him right now.

Anyway, the other excitement of the night–and you can see how unexciting it was despite the window breaking–was D. and JMc and a couple of other people throwing coasters across the street, trying to get them into D.’s truck. A very low success rate. But a fun diversion nevertheless.

Welp, that’s all for now.


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