Yeah, Um

Well, yesterday was a long day and an even longer night. After a busy day at school, I picked up the boys and hung out with them for a while, then brought D^ to his baseball practice. Then I had two back-to-back committee meetings. So, that took another three hours out of my day. Nothing too exciting to report there. I guess I just mentioned to explain what I mean by busy. Or something like that. And let me tell you I was exhausted. After Wednesday night’s too late night out I knew I’d be in bed by 10, 10:30 at the latest.

So, as I was leaving the meeting D. called–he was down at the bar. So, of course, the auto-pilot kicked in and I found myself hanging out with D. It was beat and a not-so-good band was setting up so we decided to one more-no more it and head out.

Around then I noticed that Afternoon Girl had called so I stepped outside to call her back. And we talked and talked for quite awhile and it was all happy and jokey and smooth and natural–and if you’ve ever been on the phone with me you’ll know that that is not a given. Eventually D. came out of the bar and was like “I thought you left, motherfucker.” and then he asked me whom I was talking to and I mouthed to him that it was last Friday’s date. Then he asked to talk to her. I paused for a moment, not sure if it was a good idea. What was he going to say? I wondered. Probably something nasty about me, but I gave him the phone anyway. I knew that Afternoon Girl could handle anything D. had to dish out. Well, I was wrong about his intentions. He, instead, started asking her if she had any cute friends and how we should double date. Heh! So funny. And after he was done talking, she asked if all of my friends were 18 years old! Double heh! She’s so funny.

Meanwhile Dr. B had arrived with his clearly gay (but way in the deepest part of the closet) friend. They were going to go to a strip club. Triple heh! It was great to hear a man who looks and sounds gay shout out “We’re going to look at some titties!” While D. was on the phone with Afternoon Girl, Dr. B walked up to me and was like “What is D. on the phone with some slutty whore?” in a really loud voice. And that’s one of the two thousand eight and fifty six annoying things about Dr. B: he hates women. He has no respect for them. Certainly no respect for D. either, who could’ve been on the phone with, I don’t know, his mother or something. On the plus side, I’ve never seen one in his company, though he talks incessantly about how to pick them up.

The second half of the evening will have to wait until I can get back on the computer…

But I will say it will include an extended discussion of golden showers, incomprehendable text messages, and who’s gotten the best “action” lately…


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