Bits of Whatevah

Well, I know I still haven’t blogged fully about Thursday. And I know that there’s also the whole long weekend to write about. Yeah, um, not sure how much of all this I’m going to be able to get through.

So to finish up Thursday for now: When we were down at the secret bar the conversation got onto relationships. Hey–between D. and JetBlue there is plenty PLENTY of material there. And JetBlue questioned D. about one of his last girlfriends whom he claims to have dumped because she was a “nutcase.”

JB: Well, what happened?

D.: We were taking a shower and I pissed on her leg. I thought it was hilarious but she fuckin’ freaked out about it.

JB: That’s so disgusting.

D.: Whatever, some girls like that anyways. How was I gonna know she’d be a freak about it? She wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t told her about it afterwards.

JB: Some people do like it, but you gotta ask first.

And yeah, that started the whole golden shower discussion. I won’t go into the gory details of the whole episode. I’ll just conclude with the words of CG when he joined in near the end of the debate: “Golden showers? That’s so 1980’s.”

The whole “relationships” talk–and this was in part initiated because of JetBlue’s recent problems–led to a “who got the best action in the last week?” contest. Although I’m not generally one to talk about any “action” that I might have gotten, I was just the right amount of tipsy to be willing to spill. And, despite D.’s legendary pick-up skills and JetBlue’s notorious carrousing (not to mention CG who in front of his girlfriend admitted that his action has sucked lately), I did manage to be deemed the winner. It was a quality over quantity victory for me. Yeah, okay, enough of that.

So, since JetBlue and I have agreed to just be buddies for now–while she drifts through her bad non-relationship relationship–we’ve been getting along much better. She actually returns many of my text messages and even sends some to me unbidden. That’s new. But anyway, Thursday, after the secret bar, D. and I headed up to our usual haunt. He was looking for a change of venue and I was looking for K2. JetBlue had gone elsewhere with some other people, but after I sent her a message she stopped up the hill. And, man, she was ripped. Apparently the vodka drinks kicked in over the hour we were apart. At any rate, she didn’t drink anything and at closing time we all headed out. Well, as I was driving home I noticed that she hadn’t made it home (she lives right on my way; I’m not stalking, honest!) so I sent her a message asking if she was okay. A little while later I got a response that she had driven to Spifffield to get something to eat! Afterwards even she saw how crazy that notion was.

Anyway, to make a long story end, after a text or two back and forth I got this message–a sure sign that the night was finally over: “Yup gotta od not fall bikedlyie bait” Yes, indeed, JetBlue. Yes, indeed.


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