I Won’t

Well, last night my son D^ got his first start as a pitcher. I was able to see him pitch the first two innings but had to go to an important meeting so that was all of the game I caught. He pitched well, though in the time I saw him he gave up five runs. His team still has some serious fielding problems, but what are you gonna do about that. At any rate, I was proud of him and sad that I couldn’t see the whole game. From what I was told, he pitched into the third and then was pulled for another pitcher and after that the game got out of hand–again, some bad fielding going on. Oh well. If losing builds character I can show you twelve kids who are now chock full of character.

I’m not going to talk about my meeting. If I were to I would get emotional both about knowing who my good friends are and about the chicken shits of the world. But after the meeting, a bunch of us visited everyone’s favorite downtown bar–at least their ads tell me it is–and had a rare old time. JetBlue was there, D. was for awhile, and a bunch of other people who haven’t appeared as characters in this blog previously. Oh, and the “guy formerly known as the #1 man” was there too.

As I said, D. was there only briefly and he spent a good bit of that time trying to give directions to his new woman. With his ability to give directions, I do believe that she went around both of the rotaries at least three times. In the end he left to go find her and, of course, never returned. I talked mostly with JetBlue and PD and much of the conversation revolved around the meeting we had. So, I’m not going to get into it. Afterwards, PD told me that JetBlue seemed “all over the place emotionally” and I told her that that was a politically correct way of saying what everyone tells me about JetBlue. I won’t go into any quotes here; I believe I’ve blogged them previously.

At any rate, I need to get my arse into work mode. I’ve wasted enough of the morning already.


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