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In Your Face

June 29, 2007

The “In Your Face, Mothahfuckah” Award Goes To: JetBlue! Congratulations.

Remember, dear reader, just yesterday I was worrying that maybe JetBlue had some pent up resentment? But then I thought, maybe not. Well, last night she showed up down at the secret bar–where she knew I would be–with the asshole that she supposedly was totally over and done with. Oh yeah, in your face, J.! Yes, she so totally (and I might add passive-aggressively) got back at me. It was brilliant and well-executed. Now I think things can return to their normal fuckedupedness finally.

It’s of course funny, though, because things never work out perfectly for JetBlue. She was sitting around with the rest of us and she was all cuddly and shit with Mr. Asshole. Rye (a newish character here, but he previously appeared as a witness to JB and I ‘apologizing’ last week) came up and said “Wow, last time I saw you here you were making out with three guys!” And she was all like “Um, um, we were just dancing. J. was here. He can back me up.” Instead, of course, I said in the most unconvincing way possible “Oh, yeah, Yeah, just dancing. that’s right. That’s how I remember it too.” Snap! Another thing that made her whole appearance at the bar pretty damned humorous was that she has been with four of the six guys who were sitting around. Ha! And we’re not a pretty bunch. Just kidding, I can be pretty damned pretty. Just kidding again, I’m not what you would call “pretty.” But, anyway, that’s how things roll around here.

Anyway, I feel as if JB and I can move on to our regular course of ebbing and flowing. She’s gotten her payback. All should be cool. But, we’ll see. We shall certainly see.

And now I’m looking forward to a call later on from Afternoon Girl. I’m hoping we can hang out tomorrow. There will be fireworks and everything involved. I mean that literally of course…

 That’s all for now kids.


Not Much

June 28, 2007

I had a busy day yesterday but not really too much to write about. I spent the day with the kids. While with them, I tried to get some lesson plans written, but I’m still resisting that. I’ve still got one more day for that. Then we went to the pool/tennis club in the afternoon and had a relaxing swim. Nice, but nothing really to blog about.

Then I golfed despite the 95 degree heat. It was pretty miserable but, you know, when you’re in a league you gotta do whatcha gotta do. I started off very slow and, except for two or three decent holes, never really got in any way consistent. The weather certainly didn’t seem to affect our opponents though. I guess some people aren’t quite so bothered by humidity as I am.

In the evening I went to the bar and ran into JetBlue. I was going to sit somewhere else in the bar, but the only empty seats were all around her. So I decided to take the risk and sit there. Ever since the weekend’s incident I’ve been fearing that she’s going to continue berating me, but maybe not. Maybe the apology did take. Last night we talked about a number of different things. I got to hear a few interesting stories I hadn’t heard before. But, being the open, honest, sharing people that we are the two topics we totally avoided were sorting out our feelings after the weekend and the clearly dubious status of any relationship that we might have had. But, maybe that’s for the best. Being open and honest and communicative is perhaps over-rated. And, not knowing anything about what your good friend is thinking–that’s perhaps for the best anyway. No one wants to tap too deep into the dark recesses of either of our minds.

Well, in between our surface conversations I also got to talk to Afternoon Girl a couple of times on the phone. As I’ve said before, by far the better part of such an evening. Always nice to actually talk to someone who cares enough to ask you about your day instead of just talking about hers. Go figure. Anyway, I just hope that our schedules work out for this weekend. I’m missing my AG something fierce.

The second time we were on the phone last night was shortly after JB left the bar. And not much was going on, so I told AG that I was headed home shortly. But, the best laid plans…, as I was getting off the phone M. came around the corner with K2 in tow.  So, I ended up staying and talking to then for an hour or two and at some point I did a Tur’bo with K2–that was sweet. Even sweeter, the Jilted One gave me a free shot–not sure what it was but it was fruity good. And sweetest of all–my bar tab consisted of only two beers and the Tur’bo. Ahhhh, why can’t the Jilted One work every night?

So, as I was saying, not much to write about. It was pretty low energy all around at the bar, but I guess that’s to be expected now that it’s summer and it’s hot and humid and all. Tonight, back to the secret bar… 


June 27, 2007

Perhaps I should rename this blog “Quick Updates” because it feels like that’s what I’ll be doing all summer long.

But here it goes–I went to the beach with the boys yesterday. Lots of fun, lots of sun. We had an interesting discussion about bikinis (note: it was G-rated and it wasn’t me that brought it up) and I caught Patrick checking a woman out while they were in the water. Okay, he may have been staring at her tattoo on her lower back, but, hey, he’s my son. that’s for sure.

And I was out at the bar for a little while. Not much going on. A few people were there for a bit but shortly after I got there it turned out to be myself, Tattoo Guy, JetBlue and one of her GFs hanging out at one end of the bar. I mostly talked to Tattoo Guy and purposely stood at the other end of the group. And it’s a message to her, in case you’re not really paying attention.

At one point she suggested that she and Tattoo Guy do something together for their birthdays which are a couple days apart (and that’s a message for me, in case you’re not really paying attention) and he said: “Sounds like a plan. Let’s bring J. along. He’s a cool guy.” Hehe–and she pretended not to hear and played around with her phone. And I noticed her ignoring it because I’ve seen her ignore things I’ve said in the past. Drop something into a conversation like “Hey, you should have us over to go swimming” and you can be sure that she’s suddenly busy with her phone or with something in her purse.

Other than that–it’s hot hot hot today. I’m supposed to golf tonight but I’m not sure if I have the energy. I know–sounds a bit ironic, not having the energy to golf. At any rate I’ll be spending the afternoon at the local swim/tennis club, hanging with the boys and, oh yeah, all the thirty-something moms. I love being a teacher.

More Odds and Ends

June 25, 2007

Well, I once again don’t have a lot of writing time, so here are a couple of quick things, again, before I forget them:

Talking on the phone…

 Me: One of these days we should go to the casino. Act like high rollers.

Afternoon Girl: If we’re gonna spend that kind of cash I’d rather go to a stripclub.

R. talking to Tattoo Guy…

R: I think I know him (referring to me) a little better than you do.

A few minutes later…

R (to me): So, Pete, you got any weed?

An insightful stranger…

Stranger (to me): I can tell that you’re not really a smoker.

And I can’t leave JetBlue out…

JetBlue: I asked you to tell me a pathetic story.

Me: It’s the most pathetic story I got.

JetBlue: I refuse to be YOUR pathetic story. That makes me completely pathetic. Change your story!

Me: I’m gonna need your help with that one.

And finally…

Well, I don’t have too much dialogue for this one, but on Saturday night D.R. passed out standing up at the bar. I knew he was in trouble when he walked up to me a few minutes earlier. You see, he tends to mumble when he’s drunk. When he’s a bit drunk his conversation sounds something like: “Hey Joe, how’s it goin, you know I mumble mumble that fuckin son of a bitch mumble fuck him mumble anyway mumble mumble mumble you can do that for me right? Now beat it!” But Saturday, all I got was “Hey Joe mumble mumble…” and then he just stood there staring into space. A few minutes later R. pointed out that he was standing there, asleep, drooling on himself. I believe you’ll be seeing that on YouTube at some point in time… (oh, and n.b., he was brought home shortly after that).

Anyway, off to have fun in the sun.

Quick Update

June 24, 2007

Well, I’ll have to sit down and write about Friday, Saturday, and I guess today at some point tomorrow. A couple of quick things though so I don’t forget them.

Let’s see, Friday night I got powerful drunk and got into an argument with JetBlue. That happened as she was leaving the bar. After that little flare up–let’s just say that I, um, implied that she was incapable of maintaining even a casual relationship and she, um, implied that I hung around with the wrong people. Or something not quite as nice as that.–I headed down to the secret bar to have a drink, in the hopes she would show up so I could apologize for my end of it–I am, if nothing else, a serial apologizer.

I had a beer there and didn’t see her at all and was going to leave when I saw her car outside. So I went back in and looked around and sure enough there she was sitting on a couch in the corner of the bar. And she was pretty well as bombed as I was. So I sat down and said I was sorry and we had a drink or two. There rest is a little foggy, but I think we did a pretty good job of apologizing and all. But, to be honest, the details are pretty foggy in my brain.

I spent most of Saturday with Padraig. We had a great day. Two quick highlights: We were playing ball at the local swim/tennis club at which he is a member and I didn’t want to run after him–I’m generally lazy as you may know–and he said: “C’mon dad, release your inner child!” Also, when we were having dinner he was flirting with the waitress. And, yes, as a seven year old he flirts much better than I ever could. At one point, he said something funny to her and when she walked away he said “Everyone loves the comedian.” I’ll have to try to remember some of his other quotes though. He was on a roll.

More soon.

Too Tired to Think of a Title

June 22, 2007

Current Music: Haunt: As Blue as Your Dying Eyes 

Current Mood: Dragging My Ass Around

Well, I don’t have a lot of writing time today so I will cut to the chase–well, at least as much as I’m able to get to the point.

All I gotta do is dig a brighter hole… 

Okay, so the point is I don’t have much to write about. I went down to the “secret” bar. A few friends were there so it was cool. Afternoon Girl called shortly after I got there and we talked on the phone for, oh, about 45 minutes. At one point in the conversation I stepped back into the bar area to sip on my drink and R. said: “You’ve been on the phone forever, dude” and then someone else added “If she hasn’t answered the phone by now, give up.” Heh–that was pretty funny…at the time at least. Anyway, we had a really sweet talk–not that all of it was happy. It’s becoming clear that someone we know is pretty messed up. And that sucks because it’s the kind of messed up that’s really hard to help someone with. But, anyway, the rest of our conversation was sweet. (Yeah, I noticed that I’m using the word “sweet” too much). And I said I would try to call back, but, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Shortly after we got off the phone, JetBlue showed up. When she came in the door, both C. and R. looked right at me, as if on cue. So I was like “Why the fuck are you guys doing that?” And we had a laugh over their timing and their obviousness. “That ain’t gonna happen again.” I added. So, eventually, I went over to talk to her. I didn’t go right away because I could see from the look on her face that she wasn’t going to be much fun to hang with. I don’t know what was up with her, but luckily I’m used to her mood swings. This was not the same woman who visited me at work the other day.

But, anyway, as I promised her, I told her some of my stories. I opened with the woman who tried to push me down a flight of stairs because I didn’t want to spend the night with her. That’s a classic. And then I followed it up with what I called my most pathetic story of all. And, the funny thing is, I was a good few minutes into the story before she realized that I was talking about her and me. That was the funniest part of it all. And then she was like, I want to hear OTHER pathetic stories and I said: “That’s the best one I got.” And, yes dear readers, it clearly is.

Anyway, at some point her friend A. (formerly, but erroneously, referred to here as “#1 man”) showed up. But that was at the point in the evening when the Jagerbombs had taken control so I’m not really sure what we talked about. But, the sad truth is, there are times when I suspect that I’d rather hang out with him instead of JB. Heh.

So yeah, I’m happy to report that things are in the weeds at the moment–not unexpectedly though. I haven’t strung together three good days with her yet. That’s okay. I’m guessing that we’ll be going out to dinner either tonight or Sunday. So we’ll see where things go then.

But, the truth is, the only thing I’m looking forward to right now is the next chance I’ll have to see Afternoon Girl. She’s the one person that I’ve met recently that I actually get along with consistently. And that I can’t get enough of. It’s like living on a whole different level of life when we’re together. Because, believe me, there are nights when I’ve been hanging with JB when I’ve had enough of her long before closing time. So, to sum it all up: patiently awaiting a chance to meet up with AG. Looking forward to seeing the JB of Tuesday again. Oh, and, somewhere out there K2 is still lurking in my mind as only she can.

The Nice Ones Always Do

June 21, 2007

Yesterday was a busy day for me–after work that is. Work itself was kind of boring. I wasted a lot of time–blogging, chatting, etc. I did a little cleaning up, but not nearly as much as I should have. Oh well. Not getting things done is the way I roll, as you know.

Right after work we had a going away party for a colleague. I was only able to stay for an hour or so because of golf, but in that time I managed to make a hilarious joke that I can’t repeat here because it was that far out there and some might interpret it the wrong way. I also reminded a co-worker of a bet that we have going down on Friday at the end-of-the-year work picnic. That should be interesting if we don’t chicken out. For Friday, I’m also looking forward to our other plan, which is to act so obnoxious at the picnic that they reconsider ever doing that for us again. The ‘Jagerbomb Sack Race’ in particular should catch some people’s attention. I am SO winning that one. And, also, at the party yesterday I was berated for hanging out with someone in her twenties. Female co-workers can be so like that. I pointed out that I was also hanging out with a 37 year old and so, on the average, I was going out with a 29 year old. That math worked better for me than anyone else though.

Golf was largely uneventful–except for the fact that I discovered that I golf just as well after a number of beers as I do sober. And, believe me, that isn’t well at all. But it was a beautiful night to be outdoors.

After a little break to pretty myself up I headed down to the bar. D. and JetBlue were there. Again, I don’t want to throw too much out there about JB though I will say that she was back on the ‘talking about the asshole’ kick that she’s been on. She was supposed to meet him yesterday afternoon but he cancelled yet again and, besides, she claimed, she only wanted to meet him to tell him in person that she was through with him. I believe that part of the story was added for my benefit. But whatever. She was a mess of contradictions as always, but that’s okay, I know what I signed on for.

More happily, K2 showed up for the first time in a while. It was nice to hang out with her for a little while. She demonstrated an awesome bar room ESP-type trick. And, I do believe, she gets more beautiful each time I see her. Unfortunately she’s still as skinny as hell but what can ya do about that?

And, oh my, when JetBlue was leaving there was a biker guy leaving at the same time. So she decided to try out sitting on his bike. And, because it’s JB we’re talking about, she managed to burn herself on one of the bike’s pipes. I felt bad for her though I didn’t see the burn–she left directly from the bike to home. But we messaged a bit and I got to both show some sympathy and gently make fun of her. I told her that I didn’t really picture her as a biker chick, and she said she could pull it off–“you just haven’t seen me dressed all in leather yet.” Heh–and you can imagine where the conversation went so I won’t keep going on with that.

And I called Afternoon Girl. She had called me much earlier but the message didn’t go through until then. I hate you T-Mobile. Anyway, we only got to talk briefly because my phone was dying. That sucked. Calling her was going to be one of the highlights of my night. In fact, it was anyway. Along with K2’s tricks and JetBlue claiming that she told me things she never intended to because I listen too much to her, talking with AG about her work and all just makes a dull night interesting.

Oh, and that reminds me. JetBlue was pressing me to tell some “pathetic” stories about myself–as she tells hers to me. I was a bit slow-witted last night and told her I’d bring some tonight. Little does she know that my most pathetic story is the one starring her. Wait until she gets to hear that one.

Off to work.

Holding Patterns

June 20, 2007

Current Music: Decemberists The Crane Wife

Current Mood: Insanely Fucking Bored, even though I have plenty of shit I could be doing.

Well, looking at the weather right now I’m not sure if golfing is going to happen tonight. But, who knows, it may clear up. Wait and see.

Last night JetBlue, for the first time, attended one of our sub-committee meetings. Luckily it was a cool meeting with the cool committee members there rather than the one last week when it was me and the not-so-cool (but dedicated so I’m not really complaining) people. Because, you know, being around cool people makes me seem cooler. At least in my mind. Heh. A decision was actually made last night–probably the earliest in the season that we’ve ever decided anything of any import. Then again, it’ll probably be reversed next week. Gonna have to wait and see now then aren’t we.

Afterwards a few of us went down to the bar. Not a very lively night there. But we bring our own good time. At least sort of. JetBlue was kind of quiet and though we talked a little bit, I wasn’t feeling a lot of enthusiasm oozing from her pores. Not sure why. But that’s okay.

As far as other people, the Jilted One was working; M. was in and out; and I did see that D.R. and his girlfriend are back together. There were coming in as I was stepping outside and I do believe a big, happy smile crossed my face. Good for you, kids. At any rate, at some point I noticed that Afternoon Girl had called. At first I was going to wait to respond to it until the bar part of the night was over, but, at the same time, I didn’t want to put her off because of the grief that she’s been getting–not to mention it was her first full day of work and I was looking forward to hearing her stories. Okay, anyway, so I saw JetBlue had a drink and a half in front of her so I slipped outside to call. I figured I’d have a little time while she chatted with the gang.

And I’m glad I did. Talking to AG always brightens my day, even if not all the topics are happy ones. And JB was of course one of the storylines we hit upon. But when I went back inside fifteen minutes later, JetBlue was standing, ready to go. Oh shite. Apparently she hadn’t been planning on drinking those drinks. So she commented on my being gone so long and, hey, I deserved it. But all I told her was that I had a phone call. Then she hugged me and was gone. So a couple of minutes later I sent her a text sort of apologizing. And when I left the bar I tried to call her–no answer.

So of course I was freaking out internally. “You blew it you moron” was the nicest thing I had to say about myself. But, anyway, I took the opportunity to call Afternoon Girl back and chat some more. At one point she offered to step back so that I could work on the JetBlue thang, but I don’t think that that is really necessary at this point–and with JB’s mercurial nature, who knows, it may never be. Again, though, another example of AG being so drama-free. Like I was getting at yesterday, between us everything is going ideally. Yes, it is what it is.

Anyway, none of this stopped me from still being pissed off at myself after I got home. JetBlue was still maintaining radio silence–is she asleep? is she upset? did she not get the message? So, after thinking it through for a while, I decided to send another message–I know, potentially pathetic–but this time I laid out the truth: ‘I hope you’re not upset I was gone so long. AG called and there were some things we needed to talk about.’ I figured, hey, she’s going to assume I’m on the phone with another woman anyway; I might as well just let her know exactly what was up. Like I said, I knew it was a bit of a gamble as to how it would come off, but–hey–I didn’t want to leave it the way it was. And she responded with a couple of messages–one saying that she had fun hanging out with me at work and one saying that she wasn’t upset but she was kind of waiting for me so she could say good night before leaving. So I think I survived that little fook up. Just gonna have to wait and see.

Stripper Astronaut

June 20, 2007

Well, as we approach the longest day of the year I’m noticing that more and more people are finding my little blog here via random internet searches. And, because I’m trying to avoid writing too much more about the changes going on in my “relationships”–mostly I don’t want to jinx myself–I’ll write instead about my favorite non-topic: funny internet search terms. Here are a few of them from the past two days:

refinding my life

sometimes when i look into your eyes isw

shut the front door

deal with setbacks in relationship

no setback will set me back

sometimes when i look in your eyes

percocet and tattoos

reykjavik bar tuesday night

long boring text

“shut the front door” phrases

smug people

I wish i could look in your eyes

So, yeah, there they are: two different “Shut the Front Door” searches–apparently that’s gaining in popularity as a catch phrase. And, yes, my favorite one of ALL time “percocet and tattoos.” Of course, “smug people” is a good one–you may remember me going off on that topic a short while ago.

But, one of them stands out–yeah–what the fuck is the deal with “long boring text”? Is google starting to judge blogs? I can just picture the search engine thinking to itself: “well, this person is looking for a long boring text. I know he’ll find a lot of those HERE.” And, boom, No Setback comes up at the top of the heap.

So, anyway, the title of this blog entry goes back to a conversation Afternoon Girl and I had. I don’t really remember too many details from it except that we both agreed that talking about strippers should generate some good, random traffic. And that’s what my ego is all about right now. Heh–oh yeah, and she also suggested that I mention myspace layouts. Where can I get free myspace layouts? I don’t really care but I figure that second mention of it will help me move up the search list. And of course, with the longest day of the year coming up, it’s a good idea to mention that. I learned that lesson from an old blog of mine.

So, there you have it, an entirely gratuitous blog entry. Later on I’ll give a mini life update, but, as I said, I’m worried about putting my feelings down at this point. No one wants to see my heart out there on the page right before it gets trampled on again.

Off to find coffee.

I’m in the Neighborhood

June 19, 2007

Little did I know when I finished my last blog entry this morning that an hour later I’d have something else to write about.

But, yes, around 10 o’clock this morning I got a call at work from JetBlue saying that she was in the neighborhood and would I like her to bring me a cup of coffee. I had had four cups already and was beyond buzzing with the caffeine so I said “Yes, that would be great.” Hell, yeah. Apparently, even after seeing me in action last night with Afternoon Girl, JB is still on the same course as this weekend. And let me tell you, I’m feeling more than just a caffeine buzz right now.

So, I got to spend an hour of a very un-busy morning chatting with JB, eating the muffin she brought for us and sipping on a coffee I really didn’t need. She admired my classroom, even though it’s even messier than usual, and we chatted away. I didn’t say it to her, because I didn’t want it to come out wrong, but it was the first time we’ve spent time together without alcohol being involved. And it was sweet.

How cool is that? After five months of patiently, okay and sometimes impatiently, waiting, JetBlue’s doing sweet little things for me and calling me daily and all that.

But, yes dear readers, I’m still guarding my heart. I don’t have any expectations for this all going my way, but it’s certainly a whole new and interesting ballgame.

Now to find out what this evening brings…