Shut the Front Door, part 1

Because I actually have school work to do this week (not to mention my script-writing frenzy), I think I’m going to have to give a less than fully detailed update of the weekend. Even though I only plan on giving the medium-lengthed version, I will say that the ebb and flow of life seems to be headed in a good direction right now. And relationships aside, my life has been so rich in so many ways lately that it’s hard to even believe it. When I think of the variety of people that I’ve met and talked to in recent weeks, it’s astounding: truck drivers, lawyers, artists, writers, landscapers, waitresses, police officers, college students, social workers, nurses, masons, other teachers, business owners and factory workers, to name just a few. And every person brings a unique perspective. And so many of them have added to my understanding of people and of life and have helped to bring on the great times I’ve had. And while I’ve also met plenty of people I don’t like, meeting them or seeing them in action at least too has added to my perspective on life. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I’m so tired of smug people (and I’ve met a lot of them), of people who think that their job or their lifestyle or their friends make them better than you. I’d choose K2 and her problems over people like that any day. I’d trust R. and all of his pharmaceuticals over someone who’s smug and self-satisfied. Not to sound too cliched, but these people are real. No artifice. No hubris.

Bullshit Detector: One thing that I’ve noticed about myself is that I’ve developed a fairly accurate bullshit detector. I can usually tell within a few seconds of meeting someone whether they are going to be cool or be a tool. Friday night, after my dinner date with Afternoon Girl, I stopped by the bar for a nightcap or two. So, I was hanging around with M. and K2 for a little bit when I noticed this guy sitting behind K2, back near that useless divider that cramps up the room. Looking at him for a second or two, I thought to myself “Tool.” A few minutes later, K2 noticed him and started talking to him. So, then I was thinking “well, maybe I’m wrong.” After they were done talking, the guy says to a friend (loud enough for all of us to hear): ” Heh, I was just talking to my friend the hooker.” So I was right. Nothing but a fucking asshole.

Chess Night:  When I went into the bar that night, I was hoping to see M. I had put two and two together some time before and had a burning question. So I asked him if his last name was —– and when I was right I realized once again just how small the Valley is. “I used to play chess against your brother. He used to kick my ass.” “Yeah”, he replied. “He taught himself how to play when he was five. I gave up playing in the fourth grade because he always beat me.” Shortly after that K2 had her conversation with the asshole and what were they talking about? How they had played chess against one another and how K2 had won. I joked with M. that it was going to be a chess-themed evening.

More later… 


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