Shut the Front Door, part 2

Now I Know How It Feels to Win the Super Bowl: Ever have a whole cooler-full of cold water unexpectedly dumped unto your back and legs? Well, now I have. At the end of the Senior picnic, I got totally punk’d. This was particularly funny to me for two reasons: first I had just finished telling a colleague that I had avoided being soaked by the Seniors because a lot of them hardly know me and, secondly, because Afternoon Girl had just called and said that she was going to be in town at 3 and would I like to get together for a while in the afternoon?

So, anyway, I called her back and told her that I would’ve loved to meet up early but the whole back of me was soaking and I was looking quite a bit like I had just peed myself. And she replied “So?” She was so cool about it and so wanting to see me that I agreed to show up downtown looking sketchy. Oh, yeah, and I looked particularly sketchy because I woke up late that morning and hadn’t showered yet. So we spent an hour or two together in the afternoon, then she went up to the Mall while I headed off to D^’s baseball game.

We met up again in the evening and had some lovely pasta in the pan. Oh, and on the way there we drank a Jaegerbomb–yes the theme for the driving part of the evening was “Trash It Up.” At any rate, dinner was lovely. Lots of good conversation and joking and smiling and even a little blushing thrown in there for good measure. Our plan to hover around the piano player never came to fruition. Maybe next time. Well, after that we were thinking of meeting D. and his new woman at the billiard club. But, well, to be honest, what happened was that I had originally told D. we would meet them, but, in fact, that wasn’t so much in the cards for the evening. And, well, I’m totally looking forward to when we can meet up again.

Get Off the Phone: On Saturday, I showed up on the early side at the good old “secret bar.” That is, at around ten or so. There were only a couple of people there so after hanging awhile I gave Afternoon Girl a call. Well, while we were talking on the phone, JetBlue showed up. And, as you of course remember, we are just being friendly and all nowadays. So, I noticed that she sat down at the table where my beer was and as I wandered between the patio and the parking lot I heard her yell out: “Get off the phone, J!” Interesting bit of jealousy there I thought to myself.

At any rate I sat down at the table and we talked a little bit. I kind of purposely was sitting in a way so that my body language was saying “I’m only here for the drinks.” At any rate, an hour or so went by and Afternoon Girl called me back. (Yeah, you’re right, we’re pretty obsessive at the moment). And so I went off and talked awhile with her. When I got back JetBlue was talking to R. and I thought nothing of it and went inside and hung out with a drunk D.R. and some other people. Well, JetBlue eventually came in and sat down and several of us talked about the beach and vacations at all. JetBlue said she wanted to go to Miami and then said to me: “You wanna go with me?” Um, jokingly I’m still assuming despite. And I said, as I always do, “I’m in.” And the night wore on and the conversations flew from one topic to another. At one point JetBlue nearly got into a fight with some drunk guy. They had been insulting each other for no particular reason and she must’ve said something that pushed his drunk button.

At any rate, I went outside for a smoke and started talking to R. And he said: “Hey, I was talking to Mo before and I asked her if you were dating and she said you were just friends and I asked her why. I told her that I thought you were really into her and, you know, you’re better off fucking your friends instead of your enemies. Oh, and she said you’re on the phone too much so you might want to cut that shit out if you want her.” And I was pretty flabbergasted. I thanked R. for the info though I’m not quite sure what to do with it. As you may recall I am still living by my no mo’ rejections policy.

But when he said that  it did strike me that she was being extra flirty with me–and she did mention the Miami thing–so I don’t know if she took him seriously. At any rate it got to be closing time. D.R. for some reason–well he was pretty blind drunk–was insisting that JetBlue give him a ride home. And he was clearly hitting on her in the way that a person too drunk to walk does. Now mind you, this was all a bit comical because his girlfriend works upstairs at the bar–and everyone around him as he did this knows her well. So, anyway, JetBlue was able to pass him off to one of his friends–though D.R. the whole while was insisting that they should leave together. And then we said good night and she gave me a kiss which surprised me in a nice kind of way.

So, there I was, driving home feeling good about things. Between Afternoon Girl and the way this evening evolved, I was feeling pretty good about myself. At any rate, I noticed JB driving behind me–we take the same way home, as I’ve mentioned before. After I passed her house I get this text message: “Was gonna follow you but wondered if it would be a bad idea.” Holy shit. So I replied with something equally out there, like “I was going to pull into your driveway but didn’t know how you’d react” even, though, strickly speaking, I had no plans in that department. And then she wrote something like “We both decided not too so maybe this is a bad idea” And I thought, man, R., dude I gotta buy you a drink. At any rate I wrote something back that said that maybe tonight would’ve been a bad idea but I didn’t think it was a bad idea at all. And she wrote back about how she really enjoyed hanging out with me and we went on like that for a brief while and then said our good nights.

Well, dear readers, I have no idea what she’s thinking right now. Maybe she sobered up in the morning and forgot all about the sea change of the evening before. I don’t know. But, that R., he knows how to help a guy out.

More Shut the Front Door tomorrow, including “Shut the Front Door”…


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