Shut the Front Door, part 3

Shut the Front Door: I’ve noticed that I’ve been picking up a number of different catch phrases, many of them originating from other people. Let’s see: there is of course D.R.’s “Beat it” which can be applied to pretty much any situation when someone does something annoying, though my favorite use of it is when someone just says “good night” or “see you later” and D.R. looks at them and says “beat it.” One that I picked up from I don’t know where is “I’m in” which can be used anytime someone suggests anything obsurd or unrealistic or uncharacteristic. You know, like “Let’s go to Miami together.” “I’m in.” There are a lot of other phrases that I’ve picked up from Afternoon Girl, but I’ll save those for another post.

My favoritist of all, though, comes from K2. You see, K2 doesn’t like to swear. She avoids it as much as possible. And in the later evening atmosphere of the bar, believe me, that is a rare thing. At any rate, anytime she gets pissed off you’ll hear her say “Shut the front door!” And she does get pissed off quite a bit. So, at any rate, D. was being annoying to someone and, without even thinking, I said “D., shut the front door!” And he was so taken aback at hearing it out of someone else’s mouth that it actually shut him up. Heh.

Monday Update:  Well, since I don’t have so much writing time–and yes I know that recently I’ve been laying down some seriously unedited text–I’ll mostly gloss over Monday. I went to Senior Banquet, went out for a drink with people from work, and stopped by the bar to watch the start of the Sox game. I seriously intended to only have one drink, but K2 and M. were there so I knew that plan was going to be out the window.

The thing about K2 is is that some nights she talks to me, some nights she’s oblivious to me. When I sat down next to M. she in fact looked over and said hi, so I knew, at least, it wouldn’t be a frustrating night. We didn’t talk too much early in the evening, but we did do a Tur’bo. And, in my world of simple pleasures (along with some not so simple ones), going forehead to forehead with K2, our hands touching ever so lightly on the glass, was such a sweet moment. We downed it mightily, she complimented me, and we high fived. Can’t beat that kind of quality time.

Later on in the evening we had a smoke together and talked about our favorite Rhode Island beach. We both spent a lot of time there as kids–she even more so than I–so we talked about familiar places and activities growing up. It was a cool bonding moment. Well, anyway, I grew weary of being out and decided to hit the road–I’m glad I didn’t agree to watch the whole game there; it stretched on for eleven innings. I said goodnight to M. and K2–tonight just a wave instead of a hug from her, but that’s okay. I’ll take the Tur’bo and the beach memories for today.


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